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By: Kaleido Systems  11-11-2011
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A-PATCH-EE® is a liquid thixotropic urethane elastomer that is readily processable in a unique pre-weighed pouch in the correct ratio to enable hand mixing techniques without the need for scales, specialist equipment or skilled training.

When mixed and applied correctly, the A-PATCH-EE® is ideal for the repair of conveyor belts and yields a Shore hardness of 83 – 90 Shore A.

The A-PATCH-EE® grade is also ideally suited to repair polyurethane and rubber wear parts.

A-PATCH-EE® is a easy 3 step product which allows on-site repairs to a number of polyurethane products.


• Conveyor belt repair

• Repair of damaged polyurethane pick-up linings

• The repair of damaged polyurethane mining wear parts such as rotors, screens

  and impellers.

• Waterproofing

• Trailer and mudguard patching work

• Repair of certain mining wear parts such as rotors, screens and impellers

• Manufacturing of moulds to replace expensive silicone moulds by casting over

  required design

• Gluing down and repair of rubber crumb mats and rubber crumb tile applications

The Advantages:

• Good toughness and outstanding abrasion resistance

• Long shelf life of 12 months when stored in a cool dry environment in an unopened

   protective pouch

• Excellent low temperature flexibility

• Good ageing resistance to heat, humidity, many chemicals and good loading


• Low viscosity and easy processing characteristics.

• Excellent for water proofing and filling large gaps where water may permeate through

• Applied on site without any special equipment requirements

• Flame retardant

• No training required

• Pack sizes from 150gm to 1kg per pouch

The A-PATCH-EE® Properties

• The A-PATCH-EE® is dispensed into a clear pouch at the factory, which in turn is

   packed in a special protective aluminium foil

• Pouch sizes vary from 150gms up to a maximum of 900gm available.
• The special clear pouch is divided in the middle in order to keep the two chemicals

  apart until one is ready to mix the components in the pouch

• When fully cured, the A-PATCH-EE® product is a tough, high resilient elastomer.

Keywords: pouch