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By: Kak Duidelik  11-11-2011

I’m sorry, I just need to voice my opinion!!

I have been watching the American Idols with the motchie on the Series Channel and the bad singers on that programme, sings better than our singers!

Ok, maybe I’m being a little naar, but my word… are the people this season (season 5) really THAT BAD?!

You HAVE to compare the performers, to the ones of the previous seasons and you HAVE to say it just didn’t get any better!! They are terrible! I think there’s one person who is really trying to sing, or at least do his best! And then there are others that look like they just don’t try!

I honestly don’t think I will buy any of their CDs! It’s hard enough as it is to buy a local artist’s CD. For one, the marketing of local artists are poor! So for me, I would rather buy someone like TPain’s CD. Cos I know the guy’s music!

Then my other beef is the actual fucking programme! Good grief, could they have made it any more KAKER!?!!!

On a rating of the worst South African show from 1 – 10… I’ll give it a rating of -100000000000000000 - catch my drift!??

You know these funny images you get via email… with the note FAIL?! yeah well…

And the presenter they have on Idols this season… OH MY FUCK!!! Couldn’t they have gotten someone else? Fuck me… they could’ve gotten one of the coconuts for all I care, even though I rate that show just short of the kakest rating ever too!

Sorry Liezel, but you are NOT made for these kinda shows! It’s not your fault you aren’t made for this, I blame the bloody producers!

Lastly, I’m going to say… WHAT WOULD SIMON COWELL SAY!!!?!


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What I’m saying is that even people who are well into their careers, have hurdles/opsticles that try to get you down. Djy wil daai golfie kry!Djy wil a mooi huisie koep!Djy wil a familie oek een dag het issit ie?!!. Ek wiet is kla mooilik met die prys van brood wat op gat, en moenie eers praat van entjies ie. I dunno how the topic came up – ek kan mos fokkol onthou nie (goldfish gedagtes).


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This month Verses, in association with James house, is hosting a “Peanut Butter and Jam” collection to assist the organization in its attempts to feed the street children of Cape Town. Start Time: Monday, 27 July 2009 at 18:00End Time: Tuesday, 28 July 2009 at 00:00Location: On BroadwayStreet: 88 Shortmarket StreetTown/City: Cape Town, South Africa.


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I say the current Bafana squad will be able to play against teams like Italy, France, England, Netherlands, Uruguay, USA, etc and can organise results. Ek het lekker gelag vadag toe ek lees van ou Lippie wat sê die current Italy span is die ergste team ooit. I will be koeping myself a duidelikke gold n green adidas toppie with the Bafana tjappies on there. Maybe you need a bietjie more vluis, but you are yster meneer.