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By: Kailash Crystals  11-11-2011
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Our shop is small but most of our crystals are also small and we can fit a lot of small crystals into our small shop so don't be despondant when you arrive to visit. It may not look like we have very much but if you look closely, you'll discover a wealth of gems.

We do deliver to nearby areas so if you're in the upper or lower highway area of Durban (KZN), can't get to our shop and would like to purchase a specific piece, just give us a shout. Note that there is a minimum of R500 purchase for delivered crystals and that all our stone purchases are COD.

The following is a basic list of our current stock:

1. Quartz pieces

Clusters, beds, single and double terminations, pranic and massage wands, sceptres, large grid-pieces or meditation masters, orbs and inclusions, herkimers, merkaba stars, himalayan pieces.

2. Amethyst pieces

Geodes, beds, large and small terminations, druzes, spirit quartz, polished and raw tumbled pieces.

3. Rose Quartz

Raw and polished tumbled pieces, orbs, lamps, raw chunks, massage wands.

4. Other Large Pieces

Amazonite orbs, Sodalite orb, Malachite, Tiger Eye, Agate, Shiva Lingams, Green Aventurine, Petrified Wood, Flourite, Labradorite Orb and raw pieces, Black Quartz, Gold-sheen Obsidian, Black Obsidian, Red Jasper.

5. Small Pieces

We have a good range of small raw and tumbled stones from the more common specimens to unusual pieces. The list is too long to include here but please just give us a call and ask if you'd like to know.

6. Packaged Stones

Specially for beginners, we've packaged some of our stones according to their properties. Our available packs include: chakra stones, birthstones, stones for healing, Love stones, Study stones, Wealth stones, Stress stones, Stones collection and sticker-book for kids.

7. Books

We've put together our own range of booklets on different stone groupings and therapies. At present these are: Warm Stones, Cool Stones, Green Stones, Clear Quartz, Getting Stoned (methods of use), Chakra Stones, Power Stones, Gentle Stones, Mandala (Grid) Healing. Oh yes, we have a really handy crystal chart with colour pictures, properties and associations of 44 common stones, all of which we have in our shop. Great for collectors and beginners.

8. Jewellery

Our shop has a small range of crystal jewellery. We aren't a jewellery store so this is not our focus but we do carry some pendants, pendulums, rings and bracelets. For high-grade crystal and gemstone jewellery, your best option is a local jeweller store.

Keywords: Crystals, Jewellery, Quartz, Stones