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By: Just Engineering  11-11-2011
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A wide range of heavy steel fabrication work in a small area. Many people are fooled by the size of our premises, unaware of the enormous amount of work, size of work and back-office support we at Just Engineering has in place. The company specialises in the manufacture of: • Conveyors
• Dock levelers
• Chutes & Bin Manufacturing
• Structural Steel Manufacturing
• Bridge Accessories
• Pipe Manufacturing
• Power Packs Manufacturing
• General Plate Works | MaintenanceTo install another company's fabrication is anybody's nightmare. Here At Just Engineering we overcame this by accepting that people make mistakes and that no two people are alike or think alike. So if you need a company with all the equipment to install from the highest position to the deepest location you do not need to look any further. Sound experience in the installation of various types of plants, boilers, hoppers, chutes, screens and filters, to name, a few, makes us specialists in this field. All our riggers are fully certificated and accredited. Our mobile units well-equipped with tools and equipment giving us an added advantage when servicing remote areas for installation.

We do normally manufacture in our own workshop, and install such items, however, we are not restricted to this.

"Sometimes the answer to a person's problem is right in front of you, so if the answer is staring you in the face and you cannot get to it, contact us for some advice or just to identify the answer to your problem" Plant Manufacturing | Installations & Erections | At Just Engineering we understand the needs of our client. It all ends up to the same thing; we are in business to make money.. so why employ maintenance staff at an astronomical cost in wages, levies and labour aspects if you can enter into a firm agreement with a sound company that can provide you with this infrastructure and service? We are currently have in agreements in place with several of our clients, involving maintenance work on high speed factories, water lines, fans, valves and general repairs and manufacturing. Fixed prices and mutual financial gain govern such agreements. Should you wish to find out more about our maintenance program, scheduling, fixed pricing and ad-hoc repairs under such a contract, then contact us without any further delay. Time is money and the longer you wait to follow the modern logistics and core business principles, the more money is lost.
A fully equipped steel service centre is available. Accurate machines and qualified operator to service smaller businesses and walk in trade are available.Services Offered:
Smaller companies must enquire about our fixed pricing for contract work. The savings are enormous.
• Cutting - Mild Steel - Up to 12mm x 3.1m
• Cutting - Stainless Steel - Up to 10mm x 3.1m
• Bending - Mild Steel - Up to 12mm x 1.5m
• Bending - Stainless Steel - Up To 10mm x 1.5m
• Rolling - Mild Steel - Up to 8mm x 1.5m
• Rolling - Stainless Steel - Up To 8mm x 1.5m
• Cropping
• Drilling
• Plasma Cutting
• Site Drilling
Assistant (M.E & I. etc Fitter & Turner NQF 2 Mechanical Operator Senior Mechanic Anal/Instr.
Boilermakers (NQF 4) Fitter & Turner NQF 3 Operator Mobile Crane 50t Hydraulic Senior Mechanic Diesel
Boilermakers NQF 2 Fitter Mechanic (NQF 4) Operator Mobile Crane Lattice Boom Senior Turbine Fitters
Boilermakers NQF 3 Fitter Mechanical NQF 2 Operator O/Head Pendant Crane Senior Valve Fitter
Carpenter Fitter Mechanical NQF 3 Operator Tele-lift Senior Welder Coded
Certified Engineer Fitter Shutdown Painter Store man
Clerk   Flogger Panelbeater Store man - Senior
Clerk - Senior Foreman (Note 1) Planner Superintendent Control Systems
Clerk Assistant (Clerk Data) Foreman Electrical Planning Technologist Superintendent Electrical
Contracts Administrator Foreman Instruments Plumber Superintendent Mechanical
Control Systems Designer Foreman Services Project Engineer Technician Analyser
Co-ordinator (Note 2) Foreman Turbine Fitter Rigger (NQF 4) Technician Control Systems
Co-ordinator Control Systems Foreman Welders Rigger NQF 2 Technician Electrical
Diesel Mechanic (NQF 4) General Worker Rigger NQF 3 Technician Instrument - Constructor
Driver - Code B Instrument Fitter Shutdown Rope Access Tecn. Level 2 Technician Mechanical
Driver - Code EC  Junior Planner Rope Access Tecn. Level 3 Training Officer  
Driver - Code EC1 Mason - Refractory Safety Officer Training Officer - Junior
Driver - Forklift < 3.5t Material Co-ordinator Safety Patrol Watchers Structural Welders
Driver - Forklift > 3.5t Material Superintendent Safety Supervisor Turbine Fitters (NQF 4)
Electricians (NQF 4) Mechanic (NQF 4) Sandblaster Typist
Electrician Assistant Mechanic Air Conditioning Secretary Valve Fitter (NQF 4)
Electricians NQF 2 Mechanic Analyser Senior Electricians (NQF 4) Welder NQF2
Electricians NQF 3 Mechanic Instrument (NQF 4) Senior Planner Welder NQF3
Engineer Control Systems Mechanic Instrument Assistant Senior Trainer Welder Shutdown
Engineer Electrical Mechanic Instrument NQF 2 Senior Boilermakers Welders Aluminium Codes
Engineer Mechanical Mechanic Instrument NQF 3 Senior Fitter & Turner Welders Carbon Steel Coded
Fitter & Turner (NQF 4) Mechanic NQF 3 Senior Fitter Mechanical Welders Stainless Steel Coded

Keywords: Electricians, Mechanic Instrument, Steel, Welders,