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By: Jpit  11-11-2011
Keywords: web based business, Cellphone Users

June 2009 - JPIT launches dotmobi services.

DOT MOBI (.mobi) websites are websites specifically designed for viewing on cellular phones, with easy navigation. A .mobi site is also different to a normal website, since it loads much quicker than a normal website on a computer, due to its simplicity. Although .mobi site are more simplistic in design, it is in no way limited when it comes to functionality. It can be used for advertising brief chunks of information to potential customers, and even have them complete forms or questionaires. Integrated with a web based business system, it can be a powerful tool for people regularly on the road.
As per succeed magazine, there are over 35 million cellphone users in South Africa alone, compared to only 6 million internet users.
Call us today for a quotation, and start to empower your business with this great technology!

Keywords: Cellphone Users, web based business