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By: Jmr Software  11-11-2011
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JMR represents a number of international software vendors in South Africa and United Kingdom. This porfolio together with JMR's in-house developed solutions, form the core of the products group.

JMR´s customers comprise of major South African corporations as well as medium and small businesses, including financial institutions, IT companies, telecommunications, outsourcing, retail, manufacturing, entertainment & leisure and health care organisations. For example:

  • First National Bank
  • Business Connexion

Here are some of the products we offer:

The insurance industry is at a crossroads, struggling to meet heightened needs of intermediaries and customers who have grown to expect information and answers at Internet speed. Add to this increased competition, legislative and regulatory requirements, recent disasters, the economic downturn and escalating operational costs and you will understand the complex challenges insurance organizations face today.
Insurance companies must be agile and efficient to survive. However, existing technology can´t support these marketplace demands. Starting from scratch is a risky, costly and daunting proposition. While current systems may be outdated, they are still an important part of an organization´s ability to sustain its business model -- removing them can cause a significant loss of business productivity as well as the logic that constitutes part of "corporate memory".

Appreciating this dilemma, Sapiens formulated INSIGHT, a suite of modular business solutions that leverage existing assets to quickly and cost-effectively modernize business processes -- which are the key to survival in the current, difficult insurance landscape.

Developed around "eMerge," Sapiens' business-rules engine, INSIGHT modules evolve core processes by translating them into business-rules. The evolution to a rules-based system allows for rapid interactive development by technical and business personnel, empowering business users to make changes using English-like rules rather than application code. JMR Software insurance practice experts work collaboratively with clients to tailor the INSIGHT solutions to achieve the unique operational performance goals of each organization. Creating an information value chain that links all of the users and systems, the INSIGHT solution offers a technology foundation that:

  • Improves Visibility - enhancing responsiveness through 24/7 availability - making it easier for agents to work with the organization, satisfying the customer need for access, and improving productivity and efficiency
  • Enhances Automation - allowing companies to roll-out products faster and improve underwriting practices in order to limit unnecessary risk
  • Facilitates Collaboration - creating better cost efficiencies by consolidating disparate systems and allowing effective communication between legacy and 3rd party systems Initial INSIGHT solutions will focus on claims, policy processing, channel integration as well as administration of closed books of business in the Life arena.

The INSIGHT suite is built on a 20-year heritage of successful customer implementations by Sapiens insurance domain experts, who understand the need to bridge existing technology with the current and future needs of the industry.

JMR´s customers comprise major South African corporations as well as medium and small businesses, including financial institutions, IT companies, telecommunications, outsourcing, retail, manufacturing, entertainment & leisure and health care organisations. For example:

  • Santam
  • Metropolitan
  • Spoornet
  • Anglo Ashanti
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Zephyrcorp is the developer and owner of the award winning PASSPORT suite of products. Specialising in TN3270E, TN5250E, VT100, VT220, SCO ANSI and Wyse 60 host access solutions for Microsoft Windows and have been awarded many recognised industry partnerships. List of our customers:Cadiz Securities
Customer Development Corporation (Pty) LTD
Ekhwesi Business Solutions (PTY) Ltd
First National Bank LTD
First Rand Bank LTD
FNB Namibia
IT Dynamics
Momentum Group Limited
Norman, Bissett & Associates Group (Pty) Ltd
RMB Morgan Stanley
RMB Private Banking

Terminal Emulation Software

PASSPORT Terminal Emulation

Desktop and browser-based Microsoft certified solutions for TN3270E, TN5250E and UNIX host access.

Legacy Integration

PASSPORT Host Integration Objects

Use Microsoft client and server platforms to fully integrate IBM mainframe and System i host applications.

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Fax: +27 11 484 8652

Keywords: Health Care, Health Care Organisations

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JMR is acclaimed as being a provider of quality IT solutions; intellectual capital; our integrity, our contribution to the success of our customers and delivering on our promise to stakeholders. JMR Software's unique scope and approach analysis.Analysing existing systems first, then integrate new application architectures, enhancing your ability to manage mission-critical applications.