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By: Jcit  11-11-2011
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Dealer IT Support Service

Because every industry has unique business models and IT requirements, we have modeled an IT service offering aimed specifically at the automotive industry. JC IT Solutions will take responsibility for your complete IT infrastructure ranging from workstation hardware and software to servers and networking.

Daily Service

• Qualified technicians will visit you dealership a maximum of 2 hours daily
• Daily backups will be done where central servers are installed
• Our engineer will ensure god customer relationship concentrating on problem solving and satisfaction
• JC IT Solutions Management are available to attend to any urgent matters
• Your account manager will visit you frequently to ensure that service levels are always higher than expected
Half Day on-site support
• You will be assigned a dedicated technician that will either be at your dealership between 8am and 12pm or between 1pm and 5pm
• Daily backups will be done where central servers are installed.
• Your account manager will visit you frequently to ensure that service levels meet expectations.
• JD IT Solutions management are available to attend to any urgent matters should you wish to speak directly to senior staff

Full day on site support technician
• You will be assigned a dedicated technician working from within your dealership between 8am and 5pm (1 hour lunch)
• The staff will also be able to work with the technician to improve business needs, improve the customer’s standards and unique business needs
• Standardising all IT procedures for the dealership to improve workflow
• Daily backups will be done where central file servers are installed
• The engineer will work directly with all staff members, insuring quicker and more efficient response times
• Your account manager will visit you frequently to ensure that service levels meet your expectations
• JC IT Solution Systems management are available to attend to any urgent matters should you wish to speak to senior management
Offered Services
• Instant access to our fully trained staff, 9 hours per day from 8am to 5pm, 5 days per week. Standby can be arranged on Saturday mornings from 9am to 1pm
• Audits will be conducted to assess the condition and age of all components to establish the extent of coverage on equipment by JC IT Solutions
• Guaranteed initial response times for all call outs
• Loan equipment is provided while repairs on your own equipment are done if we cannot repair it on your premises.
• Full cover for all labor and travel – there are no additional labor charges
• All hardware will be fully covered by JC IT information Services excluding lightning, fire and theft.
• Off-site backup storage
• Quarterly health check report

Hardware services

• All repairs on hardware under warranty will be sent to repair centres to be repaired by qualified personnel
• Repairs on any hardware components
• Repairs on power supply units
• Repairs on computer monitors
• Repairs on printers
• If hardware cannot be repaired onsite, replacements will be supplied and a loan unit will be supplied until the hardware has been returned
• Replacements of new hardware components will be made if hardware cannot be repaired. This excludes damage caused by abuse, water damage, theft and fire or user negligence
• Moving of workstations to new locations in the same building. All repairs will be quoted on and require written approval prior to being conducted. No repairs will be conducted to any components no so permitted by and under any legal agreements entered into between the owner and such hardware suppliers.

Software Service

• Support on all supported operating systems
• Support on all Microsoft software packages
• Support on all supported dealer specific packages
• Support on all other supported software
• Deployment of operating system security patches and updates
• Anti-virus software status and definition dates will be monitored on all workstations and updated if/when necessary.
• Software not required for business use will be removed from workstation computers to minimise threats – but the agreement must then include what is legal.
• Optimisation of workstation performance
• Recommendations on legalising software packages for workstations.
• Installation, configuration and testing of new software packages required
• Backup of user documents, emails and other client specified electronic artefacts to client specified, designated and supplied storage media

Network services

• Faulty network points will be repaired
• Network cable-patching management
• Testing and repairs on network switches
• Repair damaged patch leads
• Repair damaged fly leads

All the above services from JC IT Solutions have a monthly and quarterly service component:
Monthly services

• Equipment incident reports. Each month you will receive a detailed report of all problems reported by your users and the relevant details concerning actions taken to rectify the problems, time taken and additional information to allow you to effectively manager your IT assets.
• Report on possible old or damaged workstation and/or printer hardware that will need to be replaced
• Report on printers serviced and repaired
• Recommendations on hardware that need to be upgraded
• Report on hardware that has been upgraded and purchased
• Provide a detailed list of calls logged with the help desk
• Documentation on monthly backup procedures and documented list of all backups done
• Documented list of Microsoft Product keys and other licence keys
• Make recommendations of Software that need to be upgraded
• Tidying up of workstation cables
• Monthly backups of user data
• All repairs made on any network components

Quarterly services

• Report on preventative maintenance done on all workstations
• Computer Asses Registry management list and updated lists
• Tidy up of workstation computer cables
• Hardware upgrade recommendations done quarterly
• Audit reports of non business required applications
• Recommendations on new technology and software to improve stability of workload and systems
• Software upgrades made in the quarter
• Overview on software upgrades and replacements required in the next quarter
• Overview on hardware upgrades and replacements required in the next quarter
• Report on the health of dealers network switches
• Regular preventative maintenance service. Every one, two or three months, depending on the type of equipment at a pre-arranged time that suits you, our staff will visit your site to carry out routine maintenance, take data back-ups and ensure that your equipment is kept in first class condition

Keywords: Business Models, Hardware, Workstation