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By: Jarikehati  11-11-2011
Keywords: Massage, Muscles, Massage Oils

This is a strong massage using essential oils which resets pressure points throughout the entire body from the head to the hands, fingers, feet and toes. This is our signature treatment that distinguishes from other treatment centers. For the best result the massage should be repeated at least 3 times a week for the first month and twice a week for the second month. Following that it is then your decision for the third month onwards but we suggest at least twice a month to maintain your body’s balance. We also call this treatment "Full Body Reflexology".

This treatment originated in Thailand. Resetting of pressure points is achieved by foot stepping, stretching, pulling, bending, lifting and twisting as well cracking some joints without using any oils. This treatment is good for those who aren't comfortable disrobing and who like doing Yoga. Client are requested to wear loose clothing.

This is a soft relaxation massage in line with Acupressure Aromatherapy but also applies some strong pressure to the parts of stiff muscles that really need attention. Normal massage oils are applied instead of aroma essential oils. The objective is relaxation and not resetting points. In Javanese tradition will followed by applying “Boreh” or “Traditional Herbs” made freshly from home made rice powder and ginger to the entire body. This application is left on the body until morning at which time we recommend drinking some “Jamu”, a natural remedy made from some mixed herbs, yolk and honey. The optimal time to have this treatment is just before retiring so that the body can be completely relaxed.

Areas of the body that are injured or troubled are targeting as required by the client. This treatment will assist with muscle spasms, sprained limbs or stiffness from light sports injuries or unusually tense areas caused from overwork or exercise. Please note: Our treatments are directed at the soft tissues in the body and we don't treat any damaged areas occurring from injury or broken bones.

This treatment involves the application of water-heated basalt stones, of varying sizes, to key points on the body using oil for lubrication. This type of massage promotes detoxification and healing. The direct heat relaxes the muscles, creating an experience of comfort and warmth.

The warm stones expand the blood vessels while pushing blood and unwanted waste materials through the body. This has a sedative effect on the nervous system.

By improving lymphatic flow it ensures that every cell in the body receives more oxygen and nutrients. This therapy is analogous to giving your car a tune up and changing the oil. It is maintenance for your body that prevents breakdowns before they occur!

This treatment is specifically for those people who wake up tired in the mornings feeling like they’ve run a marathon during the night in their sleep. muscles in the neck, back, limbs or even the jaw can go into spasm because of prolonged exposure to periods of intense stressful conditions at the office or at home. By the time these conditions present in areas of the body it is already in an advanced stage that will require more than one treatment to resolve.

This massage focus some acupressure techniques such as tapping on the head, neck, shoulders, upper back and arms to relax the muscles, ease tension from the day’s work and smooth the wrinkles from the mood. This treatment is perfect for those who refuse to spend over an hour in treatment and to those who have very tight schedules.

Keywords: Massage, Massage Oils, Muscles