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By: Jaguar  11-11-2011
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The Jaguar Security provides a wide variety of security and personal protections services. Specifically personal protection services to high-profile individuals, including executives, dignitaries, and celebrities, residential/commercial facilities protection, and security training and consulting services. The firm's complete service line is described below:

  • The executive protection service provides our high-profile clients, and their families, with personal protection services that ensure their piece of mind. We offer a broad spectrum of protective services which ultimately allow our clients the ability to conduct their business without worrying about threats of personal assault, kidnapping, and terrorist attacks. All of our agents are highly trained operatives. Each agent is put through an extensive background check to assure that our client is always under the supervision of a qualified individual. Our agents must be in prime physical condition, and have military and/or law enforcement training specific to their functional role within The Jaguar Security. We realize that our client's needs differ and as a result we have developed a comprehensive approach that will effectively meet the client's demand. The executive protection services include the following:

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    Our undercover agents provide superior protection without being intrusive to our client's activities. These "plain clothes" agents are able to blend in with the client's environment to allow the client and their guests to feel a sense of security without the typical "guard" presence that most agencies provide.

  • Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) protective services are implemented when our clients' situation requires a strong visible security presence. BDU operatives are used in conjunction with our discrete guards. The Jaguar Security event perimeters, draw attention away from our clients, and provide attendees with a point of contact to report suspicious activity. Armed Car Service - Our highly trained agents understand that our clients are most vulnerable while in transit. As a result only the most qualified agents are assigned to our Armed Car assignments. We offer one or two man teams of experienced enforcement or military officers who are required, by company policy, to carry firearms. Additionally, all of our agents are Certified Emergency Vehicle Operators (CEVO) and are highly trained dignitary protection specialists.

  • The Jaguar Security Corporation's Estate Security & Property Management service provides absentee owners with the piece of mind in knowing that their home or investment property is well protected while they are not there to watch over it. We realize that our client's properties are vulnerable to intrusion and vandalism during absent periods. These periods can also create opportunities for suspects to enter the properties in order to initiate assaults on the owner once he/she returns. Our Estate Security services go one step beyond our competitors. In addition to external security, we offer a comprehensive maintenance package to seasonal residents. Our services include:

    Furnace and oil-burner safety checks.

    Alarm response and representation.

    Comprehensive pipe and plumbing inspection service.

    Thermostat adjustment as needed.

    Uniformed personnel on-site when outside laborers are on premise.

  • The Jaguar Security offers our clients a comprehensive and effective security system that takes the inherent risk and dangers out of coordinating events. Our operatives are trained in personal security and crowd control tactics that will ensure that the protection of our client and the safety of their guests will never be compromised. Our Event Security service includes:
    • Evacuation plans and coordinated strategies with local law enforcement through our governmental liaison division.
    •On-site security review in order to improve or initiate preventative measures.
    •State-of -the-Art monitoring and GPS imaging through our Mobile Command Center.
    The Jaguar security services for crowd control, missing person recovery, vulnerable area control, and bomb/explosives & controlled substance detection.
    • Uniformed Bike Patrols for large estates and corporate events where quick response time is imperative
    • K-9 division personnel to protect Gauteng properties and provide safe escorts in residential and office parks.
    • Corporate event security, including, but not limited to, terminations, board meetings, union meetings, shareholder meetings, and other corporate sponsored events.
    • High profile "red carpet" events.
    • Concerts and arena/stadium functions.
    • Weddings and galas
    • Workplace violence
    K-9 Division: In addition to using the canine division to assist our agents in the Executive Protection and Event Security services, the K-9 division is available to assist in missing person searches, property recovery searches, controlled substance detection, bomb/explosives detection, and fugitive tracking and apprehension. The canine unit is currently comprised of one canine and her handler. As with our other services, our canine handler is highly qualified in a wide variety of security and investigation tactics. The dog and handler spend more than 400 hours in training to develop the necessary bond that is required to become an effective team.

  • The Jaguar Security has established a full service Maritime Division to provide a visible presence in support of waterfront events in which our Executive Protection and Event Security agents are operating. Our Maritime operatives have extensive training and experience with civilian and/or military marine units; all of our agents are either certified PADI Rescue Divers or Certified PADI Dive Masters. The jaguar is strongly associated with the presence of water and is notable, along with the tiger, to have strong predatory insticts for hunting down wildlife that comes to drink and cool down along river and lake shores.

  • Our firm has partnered with two Johannesburg based helicopter charter companies to provide air transportation between Johannesburg and the outlying areas. We recognize that our executive and high-profile clients often face time restraints that make traditional travel methods prohibitive. Additionally, security and privacy concerns can force our clients to seek alternative means of transportation to get them to their destination. This service can be performed with or without personal protection agents.

  • Our Company has developed the Bicycle Patrol Division to assist our operatives in a wide variety of assignments. The primary focus of this division is to provide high visibility as a deterrent to crime, while at the same time offering our clientele accessibility to our agents during their assignments. While on their bicycles, our operatives have increased visibility, as they are able to see over the crowd and most vehicles. The use of bicycles provides quick response time and mobility through crowded or narrow areas. Our bicycle operatives also work closely with business owners and citizens to develop initiatives to enhance public safety during special events or during typical uniformed security patrols. This flexibility and approachability is consistent with our focus on Community Policing.

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