Iyer Rothaug Collaborative - Urban Planning & Design

By: Iyer  11-11-2011

A major component of our approach is guiding and facilitating development through the establishment of urban design frameworks. Services offered include the establishment of Urban Design Frameworks and Guidelines, Urban Regeneration Frameworks and detailed urban design application in public space interventions.
Therefore a key element of our approach is the incorporation of public participation. The main services offered here include establishing Integrated Development Plans, Spatial Framework Plans, Policy and Sectoral Plans, Strategic Plans, etc.
The establishment of vibrant, balanced and self-sustaining communities, municipalities and regions requires an emphasis on economic development. Each geographical area has a set of competitive advantages relating to its people, its location and its resources which, if adequately exploited, will contribute to the establishment of a sound economic base for all other forms of development. The full participation of local stakeholders is central to the successful identification and development of approaches to exploiting the competitive advantages. Services offered: business planning for new and established ventures, local economic regeneration studies, local economic development plans, community tourism planning, sector analysis and planning, cluster studies, economic policy analysis.
Successful physical, economic and social planning (and decision-making on all levels) is dependent on the availability of up to date and relevant socio-economic information. Depending on the specific requirements and objectives of the client this information could be of a qualitative or quantitative nature. Services offered: socio-economic research and analysis (existing information bases), housing, socio-economic and economic surveys, data analysis and presentation.