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By: Iu&a  11-11-2011
Keywords: Outsourced Administration

Responding to a changing world with agility and innovation.

As outsourced administration solutions providers, we act as the intermediary between our business partners and their customers. In engaging with them, we consider our partners’ customers to be our own, and always provide a seamless service of the highest quality.

Historically, many of our partners have been from the insurance and finance industries, where we have provided secure and reliable debit order collection facilities, administration and related business solutions. These include dealing with policies, claims, cancellations, and any queries that customers may have in connection with their policies.

We have gained a comprehensive administration skills base through our work with these partners, which can be carried through to any number of other industries. Ultimately, we offer a range of business solutions, all at a high level of expertise, including:

  1. Customer data administration services
  2. Customer query services
  3. Data integrity and accountability
  4. Secure and reliable debit order collection facilities
  5. Third party and intermediary management information
  6. Financial accounting and management reporting
  7. Insurance policy claims administration

We believe that both business and technological systems are key in crafting the optimum solutions for business partners. At IUA, they are considered together, and support each other in delivering superior results. Built by in-house developers, IUA’s technological platforms are fully customisable, integrated systems. By making use of a custom-built primary information system, we are able to make business processes more efficient, accurate and secure, which improves delivery to business partners.

As a company, we constantly seek to improve on the service that we offer to partners and customers. By continually assessing and innovating around our systems and technology, we are able to remain agile and face the future with confidence. This is part of our mission to add value where it matters most, in business, and in our broader community.

Keywords: Outsourced Administration