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By: Iteology  11-11-2011
Keywords: Internet Solutions, web applications, Virtual Servers

May 2010 (Up and coming)

  • Iteology has invested in a backup solution that works online.
  • See our backup section for more information.
  • Release date for this soltion will be during May 2010

April 2010

  • Iteology is now able to provide Uncapped Shaped ADSL at cost effective prices
  • See our internet connectivity section for more information.

November 2009

  • Iteology has invested in premium backup software and will soon be able to supply backups to clients online.
  • On launch of this product our solution will not only be affordable, but it will not contain high storage prices.

September 2009

This year we have achieved the following:

  • Become closely related with Internet Solutions allowing Iteology to now provide full ISP services to our clients.
  • Professionalised more on our support solutions allowing professional remote support solutions to become possible.
  • Expanded our Web Solutions and now have a few Web Applications that we can now offer to the market.


During this year Iteology affirmed many relationships with companies and formed solid synergies. We also expanded our experties (which can now be found on the website) and begun to solidify our ISP relationships.

November 2007

Introducing VOIP solutions to our client base. A full blown VOIP PABX and VOIP based phones now available to you for your network.

August 2007

July 2007

Virtual Servers on high end bandwidth ISP's now provided.

Uncapped ADSL services with fixed IP also now provided over copper, satellite and fibre depending on your needs.

May 2007

Iteology launched as an independent company.

Pre May 2007

Iteology incubated with other larger companies. Mainly focusing on their needs up until May 2007, we grew and managed the support services we were to offer the South African Business market.

Keywords: Internet Solutions, Virtual Servers, web applications