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By: Iprospect  11-11-2011
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Keyword Research Service: Talking to Your Target Audience in Their Own Language

Extensive research into choosing your target keyword list is essential to every search engine marketing campaign. Taking the time to uncover how your target market uses language when they search for products or services like yours will have a tremendous impact on the bottom–line results you will receive from your online marketing campaign.

iProspect’s Keyword Research Service seeks to harmonize your keyword choices with the terms most used by potential visitors to your website.

Patent Pending Processes and Technology

Our clients benefit from our firm’s six years of linguistic research utilizing proprietary processes and patent–pending technology tools that are years ahead of any available elsewhere. From those research findings, analyses are performed and recommendations are made for creating your target list of keywords and phrases. Our initial keyword research seeks to understand your audience’s behavior, and only then do we discover how this group uses language to search for specific products or solutions.

Continuous Monitoring and Analysis

iProspect has been investigating trends in Web searcher behavior for years. We continuously research and analyze searcher tendencies and language. The findings are constantly integrated into the tools and processes we use to select the keywords and phrases for each client’s search engine marketing program, which are then monitored and adjusted throughout the campaign.

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Keywords: Online Marketing, Search Engine, search engine marketing