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By: Ipods For You  11-11-2011

For those music lovers that enjoy listening to their songs wherever they go without having to spend a fortune or carry about heavy or awkward MP3 players, the Apple iPod shuffle is just the player for you. This very small, highly durable player is great to clip on a label, in your pocket, or even within its own armband to keep it safe and easily accessible. The lightweight styling means that the iPod shuffle won’t pull down your clothing and will ride easily on any article of clothing that you simply clip it too.

Although the Apple iPod shuffle is one of the smallest of the iPod players, only measuring 1.62 inches long and weighing just half an ounce, this amazingly small device can hold up to 240 songs and will play about twelve hours with a single battery charge. This makes it perfect for commuters, exercise enthusiasts or even those that just like to lounge around the house listening to their favorite music.

The colors that the Apple iPod shuffle is available in include orange, green, blue, pink and silver. The case is very metallic and shiny, making this a colorful accessory and a symbol of a true music lover. The aluminium case is very durable so it is an ideal MP3 player for students and individuals that will use the iPod on a daily basis.

The Shuffle

One of the most unique features of the Apple iPod shuffle is the unique and random song play lists that the player will automatically generate. All that is required is for the user to load up to 240 of his or her favorite songs into the iPod shuffle via their computer. Downloading iTunes is easy with any type of computer from any internet accessible station with a simple cable. Once the desired songs are downloaded, they will be saved to the 1GB memory contained in the small iPod shuffle.

There is also the option to allow iTunes to auto fill your shuffle, giving you a new listening mix and experience every time you download. Once the songs are loaded all you have to do is start playing your shuffle and enjoying the music. The system will shuffle the songs, giving a new order with just a touch of the controls. The biggest selling features of the shuffle are the lightweight and easy clip-on device and the ability to keep play lists fresh and interesting rather than predictable and boring.

The Apple iPod shuffle is considerably lower-priced than many of the other iPod devices, and although it does not have the capability to show videos or photos, it is a great MP3 player with the same high quality sound as other Apple iPod products. An Apple iPod shuffle is a great starter MP3 player for someone that is just new to the technology.

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