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By: Ipods For You  11-11-2011
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iPods are one of the newest technologies available for playing personally selected music. Their small size, or only five ounces, and the amazing sound quality has made the iPod one of Apple’s biggest selling items. Adults, teens and even kids can easily use the unique wheel design, although some of the newer iPods have button controls. The iPod technology has allowed users to download and listen to hours of their own selection of music, providing much more customization than most of the standard MP3 players available on the market.

In addition to just music, iPods can also be used to download and store up to eighty gigabytes of any type of files, including text files, slideshows and even video clips. This high level of diversity, combined with the ease of usage of the iPod, has made it very popular, even with those users that are not computer-literate or up-to-date on the latest technologies. The graphic interface used in the iPod provides high-colored graphics that are identical to the graphics on computer screens, televisions or other digital-imaging devices.

History of the iPod

Apple computers first introduced the iPod in 2001, and the company was unsure as to how the public would react to this new way of storing, playing and sharing music. The first iPods were MP3 players with a then unbelievable five gigabytes of storage space. The first iPods were slightly bulkier than the new streamlined models of today but were still an industry leader in large amounts of storage capacities in small-sized packages.

Originally the iPods had numerous problems, largely with poor battery life and performance. Consumers, despite these problems, were willing to continue to purchase iPods and the numerous accessories because of the exceptional sound quality and ease of operation that the iPod could offer. In addition, the downloadable music for the iPods was up to date and had all the top songs, as well as many of the traditional favorites that were hard to obtain for other MP3 players.

Apple computers took a huge risk in marketing and developing the iPod to rely solely on Apple computer products. This risk paid off for the company, with iPods now one of the largest selling portable music devices on the market. iPod also sells external speakers and additional items such as remote controls, microphones and external recording devices, car chargers, portable battery chargers, armbands for easy moving and portability as well as in-car iPod holders and adaptors.

Current iPods, unlike the first models, now come in wide range of colors with many different features and styles. Other companies have even come out with extended life batteries that will allow music lovers to enjoy up to 100 hours of tunes on their iPod.

Keywords: ipod, mp3 players

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