Packtronics PUR-700 P.U. Recorder is a battery powered microprocessor based instrument used to record and verify process variables in tunnel pasteuriz

By: Interpast  11-11-2011
Keywords: Recorder, Pasteurizer

The watertight P.U. Recorder measures and records the product temperature as well as the spray water temperature, while travelling through the pasteurizer. During this process no external attachments are required. When removed from the pasteurizer, the relevant results can be viewed directly from the P.U. Recorder, or it can be attached to a Personal Computer or a stand alone printer to download recorded results and graphical data.

Product Features

The P.U. Recorder can be used as a stand-alone unit, which requires only the use of a commercial EPSON LX300 serial printer to make a printout of the recorded data.
The frame will house almost all standard and non-standard glass, metal and certain plastic containers. No additional holders or tools are required to secure containers.
The PUR-700 recorder has a user interface which consists of 4 switches and a 16 Character LCD display. The switches are activated with a magnet through the watertight toughened glass. This instrument has a fixed spray water temperature probe. The Temperature Probes consist of two basic types, namely, for bottles and for metal cans. A unique stainless steel clamp has been designed to affix the probe to the bottle neck, ensuring a tight seal and central positioning of the sensor. A sharp tipped probe with rubber seal will ensure easy piercing of metal cans, which is secured by means of a stainless steel plate which is screwed to the frame by hand. The P.U. Recorder is a robust design with a pointed end for easy handling and insertion into running conveyor streams. It is compact in size to accommodate small pasteurizers. The user program is very simple to ensure that the operator need not require special training. Once the instrument is set up all data will remain in the instrument until changed again. Recorded data will not be lost if the P.U. Recorder is switched off.
The data can be downloaded onto any Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000 based Personal Computer or network systems. The data can also be transferred to other programs.
A Graph will provide a graphic representation of the temperature process.
There are several views to choose from which will customize the display of the data. The graph can also be printed.
A zoom facility allows for the fine viewing of data in the graph. This will assist technicians to inspect pasteuriser control parameters.
Information, Appearance and Tracking tabs will display all the relevant results achieved, customize the graph display and measure exact points on the graph respectably. The CHARGE 700 Battery Charger / Reconditioner is a micro based fully automatic quick charger, combined with a reconditioning feature. It has no operator buttons and will determine within itself whether the batteries need to be charged or reconditioned. The batteries are fully charged in approximately one hour.

This charger is designed to prolong the shelf life of Nickel Cadmium batteries. This method will enable the use of the batteries under different conditions, without the risk of 'memory effect'.

Results obtained from the PUR-700 Recorder

  • Start date
  • Start time
  • Transmit time
  • Maximum product temperature
  • Product out temperature (ex-pasteurizer)
  • Maximum spray water temperature
Lethal Values:
  • Total P.U. value achieved
  • P.U. value achieved above the lethal temperature
  • Time spent above the lethal temperature
Graphical Results:
  • Product temperature graph
  • Spray water temperature graph
  • Accumulative P.U. graph
  • Delta graph of product and spray temperatures

Keywords: Pasteurizer, Recorder