By: Interdecept  11-11-2011
Keywords: Truth Verification

Truth Verification Services

Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) is a very accurate and significant investigation instrument in the art of deception detection. Interdecept makes use

of this technology as a tool for obtaining accurate information for narrowing down a suspect list and pin-pointing the culprit.

Interdecept offers these types of Truth Verification tests:

Issue Testing:

Used to establish deception or truthfulness regarding:

  •     Unlawful or Criminal Activity
  •     Event Participation Compliance – drug or alcohol taking.

Periodic Testing:

Employees are tested periodically in order to establish and maintain continuous honesty and discipline within an organisation. This is a dragnet

which identifies risk and prevents future hazards.

Pre-Employment Screening:

Screening applicants for deceitfulness prior to employment is a very effective filtering approach to maintaining honest employees. Applicants

will be tested on:

  •     Criminal activity and convictions, if any
  •     Intentions regarding Industrial Sabotage
  •     Alcohol and Narcotic abuse.
General Honesty Screening:

This is a non mandatory type of test were the interviewee has a need to establish their honesty regarding a general or complex issue. For


  •     Relationships where general questioning type testing is required
  •     New or old partnerships where general intentions need to be verified
  •     Private and complex issues.

Keywords: Truth Verification

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