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By: Integro  11-11-2011
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We submit all the pages in your website to the most prominent search engines and ensure that these search engines index all your website's pages.

We submit website pages to the search engines in strict accordance with the anti-spam rules established by each of the engines.

  1. Specialised Web Site Submissions

After ensuring that your web site's URL is "out there" the next step is to position your web site for certain search phrases in the most prominent international search engines.  This is achieved by building an "optimized page" for each search phrase/keyword and search engine.  We build 6 optimized pages for each search phrase.  These pages are additional to the original web pages of your web site. 

We research the relevancy and importance of the most prominent search engines to ensure that you get the best exposure.  As on 15 January 2002 the following search engines are part of this package: AltaVista, AOL Search, Direct Hit, Excite, Fast/All The Web, Google, Overture (Formerly Goto.com), HotBot, IWon, Lycos, MSN, WebCrawler and Yahoo Web Pages.

  1. Onetime submission to Directories

We submit web sites by hand to the following directories.  LookSmart, NCBi, Netscape, Open Directory and Yahoo Web Sites.  (Remember that there is usually only one chance to submit to the directories and that this should be done carefully.)

  1. Submission to other "local" or specialized search engines

Submissions to other "local" or "country specific" search engines can be made if required.

  1. Other

Tailor made submission strategies can be compiled if required.

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Keywords: Search Engines