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By: Integrated Fitness  11-11-2011

So, leading up to Christmas we will be holding workouts on the beach and local areas of Durban every other Saturday with the opposing Saturdays being at the gym.

Date and venues are

Sat 5th November – Suicide Saturday – Hillcrest gym
Sat 12th November – Beach wod – Sun Coast Casino Beach
Sat 19th November – Gym wod – Hillcrest
Sat 26th November – Beach wod –  Sun Coast Casino Beach
Sat 3rd December – Gym wod – Hillcrest
Sat 10th December – Beach wod – Final beach wod of the year – Sun Coast Casino Beach

A few things happened over the weekend which have led me to write this.

Firstly a friend of mine posted a comment saying parents of fat children should be charged with abuse.  This is something I agree with and have spoken about before.

The second and more disturbing was highlighted too me again when I saw a mother driving with her kids in the car, windows closed puffing away on a cigarette.  Disgusting!

Both of these should be seriously looked at by authorities and charges brought where applicable.  When I say applicable I mean this.

Obesity in children – where child and adult have no physical impairment – lazy parenting

Other than physical impairment  (and even then it depends on the condition) parents should be hauled before the courts if a child becomes obese.  I know for a fact that I could have someone train with me for 5 days a week but if they eat the wrong stuff they will continue to gain unwanted fat.  I also know that I could ONLY deal with someones nutrition and have them lose weight and/or fat while doing no exercise.  Obese children are a bye product of lazy parents.

There is so much information out there now on t.v., radio, magazines outlining good v bad foods.  Admittedly some of the health agencies in most countries still have some way to go when it comes to dietary requirements but there are still plenty of information outlining fizzy drinks, sugar and high glycemic carbohydrates as the number 1 contributor to obesity.  There is a reason many impoverishment people don’t look like they are hungry.  If you look at the impoverishment areas of South Africa you will see a huge majority are obese, why? because the staple of their diet is mass produced grain and maize.  You will also see in America and the United Kingdom that the poorer areas tend to house more obese people.  The issue is two fold here given that money is tighter in these areas which means they must buy the cheaper foods from supermarkets.  Guess what, those cheaper foods are heavily processed meals low in nutrition and high in calories.  We know this, the food companies know this and so do the people buying it.

“But they can’t afford the good foods i hear you cry”.  Maybe they can’t, which leads me to my point of lazy parents.  If you know the food you buy is crap and harmful for your child then you best get your arse off the couch and get your kid down the park.  No money for gym?  cool go wrestle with your boy in the garden or make him see how far he can jump.  Time him running a distance and then see if he can beat it.  It just takes a little thought and will to stop killing your child.  If the food is rubbish then you need to do something else to counteract this.

Passive smoke inhalation - people driving and smoking with children in the car.

This is where someone inhales smoke from another source without actively smoking themselves.

If you’re an adult you can choose to move from a smokey area or ask someone else to move if the smoke is causing you irritation.

If you are a child sat in the back of your parents car with the windows closed doing 100kms you have no choice.  Your parent is blatantly disregarding the fact that they could be harming you.  It is just plain wrong and parents seen by police should be pulled over and arrested.

I have friends that smoke.  I used to be a smoker myself years ago, but I never smoked in front of my child and would never dream of smoking while they were in my vicinity.  I knew what I was doing to myself and what smoke did to people.

We should stand up to these people.  It breaks my heart when i see a new born baby or toddler stuck in their car seat smoking on passive inhalation of their parents cigarette.  The box of smokes would have told them that smoking kills and contributes to lung disease, cancer and asthma to name a few.  With this knowledge they still decide to light that bad boy up and close the window in case the wind burns down their cigarette too fast.

Just not right people.

Rant over!

So, registration has closed.  We have 23 competitors down for the day and it is now time to release the deatils of all the workouts for the day.

There will be 4 workouts throughout the day.  Both women’s and men’s competitors will go in heats.

Scoring will be based on your placing on each event i.e. first place gets 1 point, 2nd gets 2 points and so on.  In the event competitors are tied they will receive the same points and the next placed competitor will receive the next point available.

The events

Event 1 For Time

200m run
100m kettlebell farmers carry (2x24kg/2x16kg)
15 wall ball (20lb/14lb)
15 push press (50kg/25kg)

3 rounds for time

15 minute cap

Event 2 For Weight

Max rep deadlift.

With an ascending bar the competitors will attempt to lift their max single. They can have as many lifts as they wish as the weight increases but only have 1 failed attempt. Their last good lift will be their weight.

Event 3 – AMRAP 7 minutes

7 Thrusters 40/20kg
7 Burpees (see movement standards)
7 Kettlebell swings 24/16kg

Event 4 – For Time

60 Overhead walking lunges 25/15kg
50 Box jumps 24″/20″
40 Games standard push ups
30 Kettlebell swings 24/16kg
20 Deadlifts 80/40kg
10 Hang cleans 40/20kg

As you will see the events are challenging but fully inclusive.  We wanted people of all abilities to be able to enter and receive a solid days competition that would challenge then physically but let them experience all the workouts.

Fight Gone Bad

1 minute on each station with 1 minute rest after all 5 stations of

wall ball 9/7kg – reps
sdhp 37.5/25kg – reps
box jumps 24″/20″ – reps
push press 37.5/25kg – reps
row – calories

3 rounds for total score

Below are the movement standards for the exercises that will be performed at the KZN Invitational.  These give an indication as to the exercises but does not give detail as to the capacity you will perform them in i.e. reps, sets, weight or time.  Train any and every eventuality.

Movement Standards

Burpee – The competitor starts standing up.  They must then drop down in to a burpee.  At the bottom the competitor must release his/her hands from the floor.  The competitor must then jump up to their feet and proceed to jump laterally over a hurdle of the desired height.  Both feet must clearly leave the floor and the hips be fully open.

Push Press – The bar must start on the floor for the first rep.  The finishing position will be with hips fully locked out, arms fully locked out and bar inline with heels.  When the bar is lowered it MUST clearly pass the chin.  Once it has cleared the chin it may then be pushed up again.

Wall ball – At the bottom of the movement the competitor must be below parallel in the squat position.  This means the head of the femur must be lower than the top of the knee.  The competitor then proceeds to thrust up the ball and clear the BOTTOM line of the designated marker (8 ft for women and 10 ft for men).

If the competitor performs a squat with the ball and then for whatever reason has to drop the ball they MUST then perform the movement in full for the rep to count.  The competitor may rest with the ball in hands after the squat but cannot put the ball down before throwing the ball above the line.

Thruster – The bar must start on the floor for the first rep.  The competitor will pick up the bar in to the rack position.  The bottom position is the same as that of the wall ball.  Head of the femur must be below the top of the knee.  At the top of the movement the hips must be fully locked out, arms fully locked out and the bar in line with the heels.

The Run – Move your legs as fast as they can go.

Farmers Walk – The competitor picks up the 2 objects from behind the start line.  They then proceed to carry these 2 objects over the required distance as fast as their little legs can carry them.  The competitor must place the objects down behind the finish line.  Until such time as the objects are behind the line the competitor has not yet finished the farmers walk.

Push Up – The competitor starts lying flat on the floor with their hands of the surface.  When instructed to go, they will place their hands on the floor and press up.  At the top of the movement the arms MUST be fully locked out.  The body must be straight.  At the bottom of the movement the competitor must release their hands from the floor between each rep.  These are basically games standard push ups!

Box Jumps – The competitor starts with both feet on the ground.  They proceed to jump on to a box at a height of 24” for men and 20” for women.  BOTH feet MUST leave the floor at the same time and land on the box at the same time.  Hips must be fuklly locked out at the top of the movement for the rep to count.

Overhead Walking Lunges – The competitor will hold a weight above their head.  They can hold it any way they wish but the weight MUST NOT touch the head while performing the movements.  The competitor may place the weight on the floor OR hold the weight while they rest but while they are resting they ARE NOT allowed to move forward.  At the bottom of the movement the back knee MUST touch the floor.  At the top of the movement the hips must be fully open/locked out before the next rep can be performed.

Deadlift – The competitor must hold the bar with 2 hands.  They may hold the bar either in conventional or sumo stance.  The weight must touch the floor at the start of a rep.  At the end of the deadlift the knees and hips must be fully locked out meaning shoulders must be in line with hips.  The competitor must have OBVIOUS control of the bar at the top of the movement.

Hang Cleans – The competitor holds the bar in a hang position at the start of the movement.  Grip can be as wide or as narrow as they wish.  At the bottom of the clean the head of the femur must be below the top of the knee.  At the top of the clean the knees and hips must be fully locked out with the bar above the collar bone.  The competitor MAY NOT lower the bar until such time as the knees and hips are fully locked out.

CrossFit DBN is proud to announce that we will be holding our inaugural competition on Saturday 16th July.

As we are a new affiliate and the competition side of CrossFit is very new to our members we felt it right to make the first comp a small invitational aimed at our members and some select friends from other functional fitness type outfits.

The outline for the day is

8.30 – 9.00 am registration
9.00 – 9.30 briefing, workouts, movements stadards etc
9.30 – 11 am Event 1
11.15am – 12.15 pm Event 2
12.15 – 12.45 pm Lunch
12.45 – 13.45 pm Event 3
14.00 – 14.45 pm Event 4
14.45 – Onwards Braai, beers and music

Reebok will be working with CrossFit DBN going forward to work as a team to grow the sport of CrossFit and cement Reebok as the number 1 with regards sporting endeavours.

Details of the events will be released close to the day of competition.

Last entry is Friday 8th July at 8pm.

Entry fees for the competition are a nominal R100 and this goes towards supplies for the day.

Please make payment to

Integrated Fitness
Standard Bank
Florida Road Branch
Account Number 251115526
Branch Code  042726

Please put your name and KZN Inv when transferring so we know who you are.

We look forward to seeing you on the 16th July.

In line with Rebel’s drive to cater for the market and our drive to get as many people carrying out functional fitness as possible Rebel will be kindly selling the equipment at a reduced cost after the event.  There will be solid rubber bumper plates, 15kg and 20kg, 28mm, needle bearing olympic weightlifting bars and quality wall balls included in this equipment.

We will update on specific numbers shortly.

In keeping with our drive to provide only the best and most appropriate products to aid in functional strength and conditioning we have sourced amazing Omega 3 fish oil.

PurePharma Omega 3 is used by Olympic champions, world champion tri athletes and the fittest man on earth 2009 Mikko Salo.  It has been developed by CrossFitters for CrossFitters and everyone else.

Please see the PDF below which outlines the quality of the product.

5 stars and the only company that actively shows the lab results of its products.

I had a great meeting to day with one of our team.  We will shortly be releasing details on our metal work range that includes pull up rigs, power racks, sleds, prowlers and anything else you can think of.

We will have set products available to fit any gym but will also be able to fabricate to each clients specific needs.

We will also have other S & C equipment available such as bars, bumpers, kettlebells and much more.

keep posted

We have had nearly 2 weeks of conditioning based sessions.  Today we start back on some strength and power with

Power Clean & Split Jerk Singles to 1 rep max


Front Squat singles to 1 rep max


The CrossFit Games open wod 2 was released yesterday.

In keeping with the mass participation protocols the workout consists of

9 x deadlift @ 70kg
12 x Push Ups (hand release at floor)
15 x box jumps @ 24″/20″

AMRAP 15 minutes.

What are your thoughts?  too light? too long? not elite enough?  too elite?

Whatever you think it’s gonna be gassy

Due to the public holiday the start date for the next on ramp is Tuesday 22nd March.  The days and times of this on ramp will run:

Tuesday 22nd – 19.00 pm
Wednesday 23rd – 19.00 pm
Friday 25th – 18.15 pm
Monday 28th – 19.00 pm
Wednesday 30th – 19.00 pm
Friday 1st April – 18.15 pm

The following On Ramp will start on Monday 4th April and day and times will run:

Monday 4th – 19.00 pm
Wednesday 6th April
Friday 8th – 18.15 pm
Monday 11th – 19.00 pm
Wednesday 13th – 19.00 pm
Friday 15th – 18.15 pm

Yesterday (Saturday 19th March) was a historical day for KZN.  We have now set up the KZN weightlifting provincial association and will be working hard to grow the sport in it’s own right alongside raising awareness of the need for these movements in other sports conditioning programs.

CrossFit DBN’s facility will be used as a base for some new and exciting weightlifting seminars and we have already set up Durban Weightlifting Academy.

DWA will be working towards introducing the sport and disciplines to youth as well as teens and adults.

We are very excited about this new formation and look forward to making KZN a force to be reckoned with.

If you are interested in learning the lifts, becoming a coach and/or opening your own club then please contact:

Andy Craig

So, the time has finally come.  The moment +- 15000 CrossFitters have been waiting for – THE START OF OPEN QUALIFICATION!

The first wod was announced and what a cheeky little number it is.

As many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes.

CrossFit DBN crew need to get behind Roger, Craig, Dewet and Andy.  From such a new affiliate it is a testament to these guys that they have thrown their hats in and entered.

CrossFitters around the world will be cheering and supporting their affiliate team mates and fellow CrossFit friends.

Games season is an amazing time.  Enjoy and submerse yourself in what can only be described as a phenomenal competition and a place to learn and develop.

Saturday 12th March saw CrossFit DBN officially launch the opening of the training facility.

Roughly 50 adults and 30 children turned out to witness some live demonstrations from the members, a more technical workout from 3 other members and a few people even tried out a little group workout at the end.

The day was finished off with a braai and a beer or two and people reminiscing about the events of the day.

A great day overall and the full schedule starts tomorrow.

Pictures and video footage will be added shortly.

We will be getting the place kitted out over the next few weeks and will announce the grand opening date shortly.

Other products and services from Integrated Fitness


Services Integrated Fitness

Here we run a conditioning program for the general public, provide personal training for those that require more specific attention and have a sport specific program catering for performance athletes training for competition. We run seminars and practical workshops on kettlebell training, Olympic Weightlifting for sports performance and Functional Training for Performance.


Daily WOD Integrated Fitness

Rest remainder of 3 mins.In 3 minutes run 200m and then AMRAP of overhead walking lunge 10/5kg & 10 push ups for remainder of 3 minutesIn 3 minutes run 200m and then AMRAP of overhead walking lunge 10/5kg & 10 push ups for remainder of 3 minutesRun 400m for time. I.e. 10, kb snatches, 20 walking lunges, 50 kte’s, 20 kb snatches, 20 walking lunges 40 kte’s…. Start with press on every set and when you fail continue to failure with push press.