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By: Integrated Fitness  11-11-2011

We welcomed Shaun along for his first taster session this morning and coming back from another public holiday we got straight in to some endurance

800m run

then 10 rounds of

6 x push press 50/30kg
6 x swings 24/16kg
6 x box jumps

Finish with

800m run

For time

AMRAP 20 mins

200m run
30 double unders
10 squats
20 push ups


A – Clean & Jerk Singles to max single

B – 5 x max rep hanging leg raises while holding breath.  Rest as required.

A – Pull ups 5 x max reps or progressions

B – Floor press singles to max single

C – 150 swings 24/16kg for time

I love snatch!

A – Hang Power Snatch triples to max triple.

B – 50m sprint x 20 – walk back recovery.  Do not rush the rest this is about quality in the sprint.

Good morning all.

Posting the wod in the morning.  Good or bad?

Reason I post this is we have had a few mixed reactions from members now that we are posting the wod early in the day.

Noticeably it is the newer members that say they would rather not know before turning up.  From my experience this is a common reaction when you are new to CrossFit.  There will be plenty of things you will detest and if you see them it makes your mouth dry and gives you butterflies leading in to the workout.  This is natural!  Once you have been doing CrossFit for a while you will learn to embrace the anticipation and you quickly develop a mind set that lets you deal with whatever comes up.  10km run? ok gotta be done.  It’s just that simple – it’s gotta be done.

Keep at it everyone, the development and intensity we are seeing is amazing and will only lead to better performance and more expeosure to variety in CrossFit.

Low Bar Back Squat singles to max single

Bodyweight Back Squats – Max reps in 2 minutes.  5 minutes rest and repeat.

Hanging L-Sit Hold.  Total of 3 minutes hold.

Push Press 5 x 5 Progressive to 5 rep max

In 3 minutes run 400m.  Rest remainder of 3 mins.
In 3 minutes run 200m and then AMRAP of overhead walking lunge 10/5kg & 10 push ups for remainder of 3 minutes
In 3 minutes run 200m and then AMRAP of overhead walking lunge 10/5kg & 10 push ups for remainder of 3 minutes
Run 400m for time.

A – Pull ups 5 x 5.  Kipping on the concentric and negatives on eccentric.  Negative tempo is 7-10 secs each rep.

B – Power Clean triples to max triple

C – 50 double unders, 50 v-ups, 50 swings 25/25 24/16kg
40  double unders, 40 v-ups, 50 swings 20/20 24/16kg
30 double unders, 30 v-ups, 50 swings 15/15 24/16kg

For time

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Lift heavy sh!t and revisit an old games favourite

B – 5 x deadlift 125/80kg, 10 x burpees

5 rounds for time

Some outstanding performances already today from the girls.

AMrepsAP in 3 mins of

Floor Press (Half BW)

3 minutes on each station with a 1 min rest between stations.

Compete 2 rounds of this circuit.

A – 7 x max rep press/push press 40/20kg.  Strict 30 secs rest between sets.  Start with press on every set and when you fail continue to failure with push press

B – 7 x max rep pull ups.  Strict 30 secs rest between sets

1k run
10 box jumpos 24″/20″
10 sit ups
10 squats
800m run
20 box jumpos 24″/20″
20 sit ups
20 squats
600m run
30 box jumpos 24″/20″
30 sit ups
30 squats
400m run
40 box jumpos 24″/20″
40 sit ups
40 squats

For Time

A – Kettlebell Windmills – triple to max triple on each arm

B – Double Kettlebell Front Squats – find a weight that you can perform 15-20 reps and carry out 3 sets.  Rest as required

C – 1 minute on each station of plank, burpees, round the world, swings and windmills – 2 rounds

So, after the madness of the last few weeks leading up to the KZN Invitational we see today’s wod take a more endurance based format.

AMRepsAP 3 mins

Double Kettlebell Clean and Push Press

Rest 1 minute




1k run
10 burpees
800m run
15 burpees
600m run
20 burpees
400m run
25 burpees
200m run
30 burpees

For Time

Cindy got interesting

A – Pull ups – 5 x max reps or progressions if not got pull ups i.e negatives, ring rows, isometric holds

B – 1 round Cindy (5 x pull ups, 10 x push ups and 15 x squat
5 x press 40/20kg

AMRAP  20 minutes

Buckle up people Friday is no slouch day!

A – Press 5 x 5 progressive to 5 rep max

B – In a 4 minute window – AMRARAP of

3 x Burpee Tuck Jumps
5 x Power Clean and Push Press 45/25kg
7 x Squat

1 minute rest

4 Cycles

A Geeeetttt Up!

A Deadlift 3 x 5 to max 5.  Then 1 x max rep at 70% of 5 rep max

B – Barbell turkish get ups to max on each arm.

Did someone say Midline???

10, 20, 30, 40, 50 kettlebell snatches 16/12kg

20, 20, 20, 20, 20 Walking Lunges

50, 40, 30, 20, 10 knees to elbows

I.e. 10, kb snatches, 20 walking lunges, 50 kte’s, 20 kb snatches, 20 walking lunges 40 kte’s…. 50, kb, 20 wl and 10 kte’s

A – Thrusters – singles to max single

B – 7 x Front Squats 40/25kg
7 x Pull Ups

AMRAP 10 mins

A – Handstand holds.  Max time x 5 with 1 minute rest

B – Max rep push ups x 3

C – 15 Burpees
200m run

AMRAP 15 minutes

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200m sprint

1 minute rest

X 10

A – Clean & Jerk singles to max single

AMRAP 15 minutes


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