Budget Website and Content Management System Hosting Packages

By: Integral Web Solutions  11-11-2011

Ideal hosting plans for a person wanting a small simple website with little traffic, for e.g. a family website.

Perfect for a start-up company with a small web budget, or people that run small personal websites as a hobby.

Hosting includes our great Content Management System. Where you can manage your own site with out the need of a web developer. You also do not need to have any HTML or programming experience. If you can edit text in Wordpad, you can update your own website, with our CMS.

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Content Management Systems | CMS

Content Management Systems are frequently used for storing, controlling, versioning and publishing documentation such as manuals, operator manuals, technical manuals, sales documentation, brochures, news articles and various other types of reports. What the digital information is depends on what your site is about and what type of information you need on there in order to promote it correctly.


Cheap Web Hosting | Web Page | Web Design

Because South Africa still has very expensive bandwidth, most host offer certain amount of restrictions on their site bandwidth. How many have tried the cheap route but ended up paying more because they had to get the expensive professional in. It amazes me that many today still think that you can buy good quality items and services at basement prices.


Affordable web hosting website design and web development in South Africa

Compare that to the outrageous prices charged for yellow page ads, which can range in price from R7,000 to over R800,000 per year.