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By: Intalysis  11-11-2011
Keywords: Moisture Analyser, Moisture Analysis

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At Intalysis, we aim to deliver an integrated solution for your moisture analysis requirements. Whilst there are some applications where “Plug & Play” instruments can work, we find that very often there are enough variables, such as mineralogy, material profile and different process requirements, to call for an expert approach.  We pride ourselves with not walking away when the going gets tough.

Assisted by our trade partners, we can organise and support integrated solutions in dust control, “dry” weight, bulk density, drier, filtration, pelletisation and sintering.

The LFM3 is more than just a moisture analyser and is evolving into a platform for online analysis.  We offer four different antenna systems that can be customised for different material types and bed depths.  These are connected via a state of the art TPX circuit board utilising digital signal processing to deliver ultra sharp frequency at incredibly low power levels.  All of this is controlled by our Moistmeas software that runs on our hardened EP industrial computer and can be configured with different plant and external communication systems.  Furthermore, we run on the incredibly stable QNX operating system.  The full extent of the customised nature can be seen in the table below.

LFM3 Modular Approach to Moisture Solutions

  • EP Industrial Computer
  • DIN
    mounted Comms and filters for easy maintenance.
  • Low power output for long life at high temperature ambient conditions.
TPX Digital Processing system for microwave operations
  • “S” Antenna
  • “D” Antenna
  • “E” Antenna
  • “H” Antenna

These antennas operate at a range of frequencies and all comply with the
International restrictions of CISPR11.

  • Rittal IP66 Stainless
  • Rittal IP66 Powder coated mild Steel
  • DIP (IEx-tD) T4 Zone 21 IP 66
    Stainless Steel

For explosive dust rated applications


Designed for stability in Industrial Applications

Many competing analysers use Windows based operating systems that can become unstable and freeze when multiple events occur.

Software Moistmeas Pilbara

Optimised for Iron Ore Applications

Moistmeas Bowen

Optimised for Coal Applications

Moistmeas Pelletiser

Allows multiple compensation inputs necessary for sinter and some pelletizing

Plant Comms

Other communication protocols can be provided on request

External Comms
Material Compensation Devices
  • Belt scale
  • Belt feeder
  • Sonar height gauge
  • Laser height gauge
  • Laser profile scanner

The LFM3 Moisture Analyser was originally developed for continuous, on-conveyor applications ranging from conventional materials to highly attenuating materials such as iron ore, mineral concentrates and high moisture coals.  Applications have now been extended to chutes and filters.

It has been used extensively by mining and mineral processing companies to achieve:

  • Dust reduction by preconditioning bulk minerals with water addition. The key challenge in this application is to add just enough water to achieve dust extinction but not so much that the ore becomes sticky and clogs chutes and blinds screens.
  • Specified moisture for shipment, both for the customers and the shipping operators.
  • Feed forward control in critical drying or calcining applications.
  • Accurate metallurgical or stock accounting.
  • Control of critical moisture levels in pelletising and sintering applications.
  • Specification monitoring for thermal efficiencies in thermal power applications.
  • Control of filter presses and centrifuges in dewatering applications.

The LFM3 can be individually configured or come in the following standard configurations:

Keywords: Moisture Analyser, Moisture Analysis

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Intalysis delivers online analysis for natural resources - news events

In a well attended award ceremony held in Singapore on Friday night, the 2008 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Industrial Technology Innovation of the Year Award in the field of Moisture Analysers for Bulk Materials was awarded to Australian based company Intalysis. Following on from the success of last year, Intalysis was again proud to attend and sponsor the Dust in Mining Conference in Perth, Australia on 24/25 June 2008.