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By: Instant Training  11-11-2011

When you buy this download, you buy 12 months of free updates as well. We keep the videos current because the Internet is moving fast.

Would you like to set up a website this week that looks and works like, with a credit card gateway to accept payments from Paypal, VISA and Mastercard - in any currency? And do it with less than $150 (R1000), and no techie? Read on.. (And yes, before you ask, this works superbly in the South African environment as well.)

Over the past few months I have been stunned at how much people spend to set up Ecommerce websites. (An Ecommerce site lets you advertise your products online, take orders,  and accept money - usually by credit card.)

On average, I guess, the cost has been between R50,000 and R100,000 - and the time frame has been between 4 - 6 months. 

I've always wanted to do Ecommerce along the lines of Amazon. Utterly seamless. And when you buy something, they recommend a bunch of other relevant items. 

We've been exploring an idea this side, and on January 28th I set up an Ecommerce site from scratch. (I am a writer, not a techie.)

Within 4 hours the site was operational, was showcasing my products (video downloads, books, and DVD), and was accepting payments. it's the site you're on right now.

Why am I telling you this? The folk on my expensive mentorship program were completely blown away by it. One of them has already set his own site up, and his colleagues - after cracking jokes about his lack of techie prowess - are stunned.

If you're selling just one item or hundreds, this system will work for you. I'd like to show you how it works - in enough detail so you can do it yourself later this week. 

The best part? You can test drive it for free. And after you've tested it and agreed with me that it's the best thing since run-flat tyres, your monthly fee is under R200/month. It's so good that I don't really want to share it, but I am soooo peed off at people wasting so much money on dreadful sites that make it hard to buy, rather than easy.

It works with South African credit card gateways and processors (as well as a bunch of overseas ones). Heck, you can set up a shop selling anything, get paid in any currency, and bank it anywhere. Once you have seen this just once, you will never look at business the same way again. 

This stuff is so easy, and so powerful, that if you're aren't absolutely blown away I will refund you without question.

Off the cuff, I cannot think of anyone in South Africa who is offering internet marketing courses on this level and I hope to learn a lot more from you in the future.
Deon Eybers

Online sales are rocketing because it is increasingly easier for most folk to buy through a website. No more queues. No more surly sales staff. No more wasted time driving, parking, only to discover that the item is not in stock.

A few years ago structuring a site to accept payments was difficult. You needed a credit card merchant account (expensive, and involving sureties), a credit card gateway, and a genius programmer.

Not any more. No matter how simple your sale (just a single product) or how complex (thousands of products, dozens of currencies, and worldwide delivery) there are solutions that are easy to set up - even for a normal person!

Not only will I show you the website side, but I will introduce you to a credit card gateway that will have you accepting payments within 12 hours. (Compare that with the challenges of getting credit card merchanthood through one of the big 4 SA banks.)

You can download this video right now, watch it for two hours, and work alongside me as I set up a brand new credit card processing facility in under 10 minutes. (It's the one I use on all my sites.) And then work with me, screen by screen, as I assemble a brand new sales website from scratch. (That takes just on an hour.)

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