How to market via Email

By: Instant Training  11-11-2011
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When you buy this download, you buy 12 months of free updates as well. We keep the videos current because the Internet is moving fast.

All sections / every facet added value, there was a nice mix of “these are the possibilities” and “ this is how to”
Greg Knight

We will cover:

  • how to set up your automated list management system;
  • how to add a form to your site to collect mail addresses;
  • how to inspire people to add their addresses into your list;
  • how to automatically respond to queries;

Lets be clear about what we're trying to achieve, because it takes a lifetime to get Bill Gates' coding skills, or Steve Jobs' design skills. Our role is to give you enough knowledge to quickly build your own list (or as many as you want), and at the same time give you a crash course on how it all fits together. With that knowledge you can easily do it yourself, or brief a specialist far better, and you will know whether what you're paying for is worth it.

Peter, I was so impressed you in Norway and Peter in UK as a TAG Team. Brilliant! So I will be Passing the Word around
David Padkin

This is a recording was made of a live event on 27 January 2010. It's just over two hours long.

Keywords: Videos

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