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By: Ins Distributors  11-11-2011
Keywords: Natural Stone, Tile, Sandstone

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When sealing a natural stone there are generally two types of sealers you may use.  They are TOP seal and HP sealer and Natural Stone sealer.  The sealers give different finishes to the tile, and protect the tile in a different manner. It i..

Adhesives This installation can be carried out using TAL Gold star 6 high strength rapid setting adhesive for a grey finish.  Installations where building or thermal movement is expected, i.e. suspended slabs, exterior installations and wet in..

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock group which is mostly made up of tiny grains of quartz.  Most sandstone is formed in oceans, lakes and rivers, where tiny bits of rock and dirt settle to the bottom.  Year after year, these layers of sand get..

The beauty and hard wearing characteristics of sandstone is well documented, but the insulating factor is a point that most people have not considered. Imagine a natural floor covering which will increase the homely comfort of your living areas, and ..


Keywords: Natural Stone, Sandstone, Tile