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By: Infragistics  11-11-2011

Login below with your Website member ID to access free training content from Infragistics that covers many aspects of user interfaces, user-centered design and how you can produce superior user experiences for the end users of your software applications. If you don’t already have a Website member ID, then you can register below to create one, and in no time at all access your free training.

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Products for User Interface Development

With full support for Visual Studio® 2010, the .NET 4 Framework and the latest "in" style like Microsoft® Office 2010 and our IG Theme, you have the highese performance user interface controls necessary to create applications with extreme functionality, complete usability and the "Wow!.


Infragistics | User Experience Services

No matter if you use waterfall, spiral, agile, we know what of our services should be employed at which process step to yield the highest impact for product quality, engineering efficiency and end-user delight. Because UX is a key technology enabler and market differentiator. Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach.