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By: Infor  11-11-2011

      Every customer interaction presents multiple opportunities to improve your business. Whether by increasing revenue, generating a new lead, or increasing an existing customer's satisfaction with your company, you need to make the most of every interaction at every point of contact. Infor CRM will help you strengthen your business with an integrated marketing, sales, and service approach to customer relations. Analytical CRM software from Infor does more than just track customer interaction. It helps you formulate insights that can increase leads, retention, and revenue. By using the power of Infor CRM, you can help your customer-facing staff with detailed recommendations and coordination during every customer experience. Successful enterprises ensure that every interaction increases their strength as a company.

      With Infor10 CRM Enterprise, you can become a leader in your industry through leading-edge customer experience and interaction management solutions that are easy to implement and easy to scale to suit your growing company. Our CRM solutions are designed for your business, regardless of the industry in which you operate. Using our access to industry experts, we will help you find a CRM solution package tailored to suit your unique needs and specifications.

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Infor ERP - erp software, enterprise resource planning, manufacturing systems

From production management software for manufacturing, to comprehensive value stream mapping, our solutions provide all the necessary tools to hone your organization into a truly lean manufacturing operation. Infor ERP software focuses on what matters to a manufacturer: absolute control over your operations and supply chain, the core of the business that delivers your service, your productivity, and your profit.