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By: Infobip  11-11-2011

As the name says, two-way SMS means basically sending and receiving messages in your computer's inbox, which truly is the way to go for mobile marketers and promotions. Mobile users will sooner trust a business that has a conversational approach, where user's interaction and choice matter. When combined with personalised content, two-way SMS will really feel intimate, unobtrusive – personal.

Potential uses for two-way SMS

  1. SMS voting

    Reality shows, academic projects..

  2. Marketing surveys

    Product preference, customer satisfaction..

  3. Promotions

    User opt-in / opt-out, location information..

Our platform is completely integrated – this means that you can send and receive SMS, collate and analyse the results, run a dynamic campaign; from one place. The best part is, the whole process is completely intuitive, so that you can jump in and use the service within minutes. You also get free 24/7 technical support, SMPP/HTTP API integration for developers, with the optional features such as Virtual SIM hosting for a minimal fee.

Virtual SIM hosting allows you to receive inbound SMS to your application on a dedicated number without need for a physical SIM.
You are not restricted by your service users' geographic location and they can reach you from every corner of the globe.

Here's how it works:

  • You register one or more dedicated numbers on Infobip's platform.
  • The numbers are bound to your account and placed into a virtual hosting setup – we call it 'virtual SIM', because there's no physical SIM card used.
  • All of the messages received by this number are processed and forwarded to you directly.
  • You are able to use all the features such as Keywords or Auto-Replies.
  • The up-time is directly tied to SMSC, so there's no chance of 'SIM malfunction.'

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It is available in many ways, it can be integrated into your existing platform, or you can just use one of the ready-made solutions. It takes six seconds to deliver an average message, which is then read within the next five minutes by more than 90% of recipients. It's most commonly used as a reliable alerting channel and for marketing purposes. SMS messaging is the most efficient and personal way to communicate today.