The Inflatable Footrest From EMKA Agencies

By: Inflatable Footrest  11-11-2011
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Do you find long flights in Economy Class uncomfortable?

Use EMKA's Inflatable Footrest to Upgrade to First Class

While you are Flying, EMKA's Inflatable Foot Rest has been designed, with suitable measurements to fit under the chair in front of you.

Because it is self inflatable, you can use it as a Back Rest for lower back support and as a Head Rest, when sleeping.
When completely deflated, EMKA's Inflatable Foot Rest takes up little space in your hand luggage and can be easily transported.

EMKA's Inflatable Footrest can be used to make flying and sitting a comfortable experience…

  • Do you find yourself sliding down your couch?
  • Are you too short to sit comfortable?

Nowadays we spend so much time in a sitting position at home. Whether working on laptop, reading, watching TV or relaxing. We all want to relax once we reach home at the end of another long day. EMKA's Inflatable Foot Rest  will increase your relaxation and comfort  at home, while you are sitting in your favorite easy chair, on the couch or at your desk.


can be used to put your feet up, when sitting on the lounge suite

Are you Pregnant?

  • Do you find sitting or most positions very uncomfortable?

When half inflated EMKA's Inflatable Footrest can be used as a comfy head and neck cushion. This may be at home, while traveling or camping.

Invest in your health and comfort, with EMKA’s Inflatable Foot Rest. You will feel the difference from the very first day. Please visit the following websites for in depth knowledge and health benefits for the following:

Keywords: Inflatable Foot Rest