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By: Indyebo  11-11-2011
Keywords: Risk Management, Internal Audit

Our service delivery & expertise
Indyebo offers a range of services to assist businesses and organisations in improving governance, risk management and control, improving efficiencies and adapting to changing regulatory environments. At Indyebo, we have expertise along the below mentioned service lines:

• Governance and Risk Management
• Business Assurance Services
• Advisory Services and
• Fraud Prevention and Investigations

Internal auditors once focused on evaluating compliance with an organization’s policies and procedures. Today, internal auditors do much more, from identifying risks to developing risk management protocols and analyzing processes in search of greater efficiencies. These added demands are a result of the transformation of the workplace from paper-based to digital, ever-increasing regulations and the speed at which business changes.
Now more than ever, organizations need to make certain their internal processes are adequately and efficiently addressing these challenges and reducing risk. The internal audit function is the place to start.

Our Internal Audit Solutions

Indyebo’s internal audit solutions can be as broad or narrow in scope as the audit committee, board or management wishes. Organisations may outsource only specific internal audit projects, allowing your internal staff to concentrate on the areas they know best, also some may want to co-source the internal audit where we work with your organization to develop an overall plan to address its priorities, and your internal staff implements the plan.
Or you may choose to outsource the entire internal audit function. The latter approach allows management to focus on core competencies and Indyebo to apply its considerable audit expertise to your organization’s needs.

External Audit

Who Benefits from an Outsourced Internal Audit?

An outsourced internal audit function can benefit organizations of all sizes. Even if they have no regulatory requirement to do so, many organizations add an internal audit department or outsource or co-source the functional they grow. It makes good business sense. Candidates for outsourcing or co-sourcing their internal audit function from Indyebo include:

Publicly held companies and certain other organizations for which Indyebo is not the external auditor

Organizations seeking a cost-effective alternative to hiring, training and retaining internal auditors

Organizations seeking the expertise and objectivity of outside consultant


Organizations today are concerned about improving corporate in complex and demanding environments. There is increased scrutiny and insistence on transparency and accountability. With the right approach, however, risk can be viewed as a strategic opportunity to drive performance, and create sustainable stakeholder value.


We conduct periodic external assessment of an organization's audit function for quality and compliance with The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) standards.

Indyebo adherent strictly to the SAAS 220 – Quality Assurance:South African Auditing Standards. Our dedicated Quality Assurance Managers ensure that quality is taken care of.


Our Information Technology forms the backbone of many companies’ internal controls. We have experienced staff members to assist with the evaluation of the effectiveness of IT general and application level controls and can help improve the internal control structure through implementation of critical controls.

In this regard our service includes: Assisting organizations to establish an IT control framework that will meet the client’s objectives and enhance their risk management activities.


Assess that IT strategies, processes, and controls are both appropriate and effective.

Help clients identify critical IT risks.

Make informed decisions, avoid costly overruns, and reduce unwanted surprises.

In addition, we work closely with our clients to improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of their business and technical processes in ERP environments. Our professionals can help identify and verify that controls are in place to mitigate the risks associated with implementing, upgrading or integrating or optimizing an ERP environment. We can also help clients better leverage their ERP investments to meet regulatory compliance requirements.


We assist clients to develop internal control programmes that address control evaluation and ongoing monitoring. The goal of our approach is to deliver an internal control programme that is built on flexible methodology and customised to your needs and environment.

White colour crime is on the increase and we assist our clients with Forensic and Special Investigation Services. Indyebo assists clients by establishing the facts and gathering evidence that allow clients to take informed decisions in the unfortunate circumstances where fraud and misconduct is suspected.
We can investigate suspected bribery, fraud, misconduct, accounting fraud, and violation of policies and procedures.

Enterprise Risk Management

Today's business environment requires an effective risk management programme. We ensure that organisations implement an effective risk management programme. Our services include: Establishment of a risk management function; training on risk management; risk identification and assessment; development of Risk Committee Charters; Review of risk management function effectiveness; and development or review of risk management policies and strategies.

Our approach to compliance audits is to determine conformity and adherence to applicable laws and regulations. These may include reviews for conformity and adherence to laws and regulations, policies, plans, procedures, contracts or other requirements. We perform both legal compliance and corporate governance assurance services.

Compliance Assurance Services

Pressures to achieve compliance with laws and regulations are mounting. We help ensure that you identify, manage, and control any existing and future regulatory and compliance risks. In particular, we assist public sector entities achieve compliance to the Public Finance Management Act and the Municipality Finance Management Act and Treasury regulation.

Our approach to compliance audits is to determine conformity and adherence to applicable laws and regulations. These may include reviews for conformity and adherence to laws and regulations such as the Public Finance Management Act, Municipal Finance Management Act, Financial Services Board requirements, Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, policies, plans, procedures, contracts or other requirements.The methodology we apply includes:
• Familiarising ourselves with all the documentation provided by the organisation;
• Identifying legislative provisions applicable to the organisation and determining its level of compliance; and
• Compiling a report for comment by relevant affected personnel on the findings and recommendations of this part of the audit, and, if required, a workshop to discuss the findings and the comments.


Organizations today are concerned about improving corporate governance in complex and demanding environments. There is increased scrutiny and insistence on transparency and accountability. With the right approach, however, risk can be viewed as a strategic opportunity to drive performance. Our governance services can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Corporate Governance Reviews

The public sector is highly regulated by the Public Finance Management Act and Municipal Finance Management Act. Indyebo assists organizations to determine whether they have best practice governance structures in place and that those structures are effective and are consistent with King III.
Our services include:
• Code of conduct evaluation,
• Corporate governance assessments,
• Board and Board Committee establishment,
• Review and/ or development of Board and Board Committee Charters,
• Director education, and
• Audit Committee effectiveness assessments.

Information Technology Governance

Our IT Governance Services are designed to identify and manage risks within a company’s IT framework; and implement policies and procedures; consistent with leading standard such as COBIT and ITIL.

In today’s environment, there is need to create company specific anti-fraud measures to address internal corporate fraud and misconduct. We offer a strategic approach to aligning fraud management strategies with corporate business objectives. Indyebo assists in designing controls prevent fraud and misconduct from occurring. These controls are also designed to identify instances of fraud and misconduct when they occur and to allow the organization to manage the occurrence of fraud and remedy losses and damages.

At Indyebo, we work with our clients to help them achieve accounting and financial reporting compliance. We provide advice on how financial reporting processes are organised and ensure that accounting operations match the objectives of the business. We provide technical and project management advice in converting to Generally Recognised Accounting Practice (GRAP) in the public sector.
Also will help you realise cost savings, improve asset management, and resolve process and operational issues. We help you resolve difficult, time-critical and day-to-day financial issues, bringing proven, consistent approaches and solid techniques to each engagement. If you need technical expertise for a special project, an independent review of your accounting processes and procedures, or additional business process support, we are high-value choice.

We assist clients by assessing and redesigning end-to-end business processes. By so doing improving and standardising operations, establishing norms and standards and applying strategies to improve financial and operational performance.

Programme and Project Management can help organisations identify and mitigate the risk of project failure and monitor important project milestones. Our project managers focus on enhancing the Project Management Offices (PMOs) and evaluating project deliverables.

We offer the following training services:
• Bookkeeping;
• Basic financial accounting;
• Management accounting; and
• Starting your own business

Our firm has considerable experience in providing services to both the public and private sectors. Our services include inter alia external audit, internal audit, information technology audit, risk management and consulting services. We have, established a considerable skills base, with experience in the functioning and operations of the various industries in South Africa.

Indyebo and its staff are registered members of:
IRBA (Independent Regulator Board for Accountants)
IIASA (Institute of Internal Auditors of South Africa)
ACFE (Association of Certification Fraud Examiner

Keywords: Internal Audit, Risk Management