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By: Indutech  11-11-2011
Keywords: Engineering Services, Business Engineering, Capability Improvement

A sustainable competitive advantage can be gained by properly managing innovative change. The agility with which companies are able to adapt will contribute to their success. Indutech enables its clients to adapt rapidly to new products, technologies, processes and markets more effectively than their competitors thus providing clients with a competitive advantage.

Business Engineering Services

Indutech's team of experienced business engineers facilitates the use of innovation methodologies and software tools. Our business engineering teams come from a variety of different disciplines including: Engineering, Computer Science, Operations Research and Business Management. This enables the team to view a client's innovation challenges from different perspectives, supporting company-wide integration.

Indutech - The Difference

Indutech's unique approach to business engineering has generated a positive response from our clients.

Our approach includes:

  • Full client involvement in solution development and implementation
  • Focus on long-term working relationships with clients
  • Limited risk exposure and early verification through pilot and prototype projects
  • Utilisation of local and international research and technology
  • Risk sharing approach to contracting
  • Full sustainable technology and knowledge transfer

Indutech's Core Business

All enterprises need to be competitive. Innovation is acknowledged as a core enabler to competitive enterprises. Indutech's core business is to support our clients to become more competitive. This requires a balance between operations and innovations or improvements in the enterprise.

When an enterprise is started from scratch, a so-called greenfields innovation, all efforts are initially focussed on product, process and technological innovations. When an enterprise is fully operational, all efforts are focussed on operational issues. This normally lasts for a limited period as market forces and competition's efforts invariably move the boundaries. This forces an enterprise to progressively redirect some of their efforts toward optimization, continuous improvement, etc towards radical innovation efforts.

Indutech adds additional capacity, roadmaps and our software platform EDEN to the innovation efforts of a client. This enables a reduction of up to 40% in the deployment time of innovation projects. (Our so-called prong one Value offering) To enable sustainable innovation capability, Indutech also provides a Capability Maturity Assessment to assess the client's capability to innovate in a sustainable manner. Linked to this audit is also an innovation capability improvement roadmap to grow the client's innovation capability in 42 different enterprise parameters. This significantly advances the client's capability to maintain a competitive advantage.

Keywords: Business Engineering, Capability Improvement, Engineering Services, Innovation Capability

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Solutions | Enterprise Engineering and Innovation Management - solutions

Indutech’s team of experienced business engineers facilitates the use of innovation methodologies and software tools. Integrated Local Government Planning and Infrastructure Delivery Solution. Critical Analysis / Infrastructure Analysis. Enterprise Design Life Cycle Management. Product Design Life Cycle Management.