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By: Industrial Precision Instruments  11-11-2011
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Infrared Thermography is playing an increasingly important role in facility maintenance, Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) and predictive maintenance programs. Infrared Thermography detects hidden problems and allows for corrective action before costly system failures.

Why Do I Need Infrared Thermography?

NFPA is the world’s most influential organization for fire prevention and electrical safety.

NFPA regards systematic and regular thermographic electrical inspections to be a critical part of an EPM program stating that ” these (thermographic) inspections have uncovered a multitude of potentially dangerous situations. Proper diagnosis and remedial action of these situations have also helped to prevent numerous major losses… They can reduce typical visual examinations and tedious manual inspections and are especially effective in long-range detection situations.” It goes on to endorse Thermographic electrical inspection as “relatively inexpensive to use
considering the savings often realized by preventing equipment damage and business interruptions… (and is) considered a useful tool to evaluate previous repair work and proof test new electrical installations and new
equipment still under warranty.”

The 70B standard prescribes “routine infrared inspections of energized electrical systems should be performed annually prior to shutdown. More frequent infrared inspections, for example, quarterly or semiannually, should be performed where warranted by loss experience, installation of new electrical equipment, or changes in environmental, operational, or load conditions.”

Would your electrician find this with a visual inspection?

or this?

Using IR Thermography can reduce downtime by avoiding unplanned shutdowns, by assisting in the timing and planning of scheduled maintenance. Thus allowing production time to be increased by maximising equipment availability.

Infrared Thermography Services

IPI Infrared are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive thermography services in Australia. Our Thermal Imaging Services are conducted by highly trained and experienced thermographers, utilizing the best equipment and practices in the industry. Our reports are prepared to the latest international standards, and we customize our data presentation to suit your specific analysis requirements. Most importantly, our imaging techniques and expertise allow us to find what many are unable to.

EXPERIENCE PAYS… find more faults more often

Anyone who regularly undertakes infrared thermal surveys will tell you just how much they have saved. Whether it’s avoiding plant downtime, injury to personnel, or damage to equipment, the savings are generally in the tens of thousands (and often much more).
Combined with timely, effective repairs, infrared inspections can have a significant impact on facility reliability and profitability. Conducting a safe and effective inspection; however, is more than simply pointing and shooting an infrared camera.
Nearly anyone can find a few obvious exceptions; however, it takes an expert to spot the not-so-obvious exceptions that can create major problems.
Trusting your survey to inexperienced or under skilled operators puts you at risk of simply not discovering faults in time, and reverting to a costly reactive maintenance scenario.
For almost 15 years, IPI infrared have been fine tuning our craft to deliver you one of the best quality services in the industry. Basically, we find more faults more often and can save you more money.

You Only Get What You Pay For…

The old adage couldn’t be truer than with thermography services. A thermographer’s hourly rate is usually a good indicator of their experience, equipment capabilities, equipment investment, and the overall quality of service they are likely to deliver.
IPI infrared have built our success on:
1. Highly Experienced thermographers
2. Continuous training of staff
3. World Best Practices in measurement and reporting
4. Reliable and Capable Measurement Equipment
5. Reliable IT backbone and Strict Data Management Policies

It is important to remember that a program differs from a one-time inspection. The hallmarks of our programs are dedicated, trained personnel, and periodic inspections and follow up. Perhaps the greatest benefit to a company is that our properly designed infrared inspection programs will provide long-term value and serve as a valuable resource to a company.


IPI Infrared are available to conduct inspections 24 hours per day, and as such we offer a day and night rate. Not all thermography work can be conducted during normal work hours. In consideration for our staff members who have families (and lives), we have a rate for regular working hours, and an after hours rate. All quotes prices exclude GST.

Above rates include:
1. Provision of exception report, electronic documentation only
2. Free travel within 1 hour of Melbourne or Sydney (free travel zone)
3. Min charge for any job is the ½ day rate. A day is considered 8 hours, ½ day is considered as 4 hours.

Travel Charges
IPI infrared operate Australia Wide.
There is no charge for travel if sites are located within 1 hour’s car travel of either Melbourne or Sydney CBD (Free Travel Zone). Areas outside those regions will incur additional travel costs, unless a local contractor is present.

Additional Costs:
• hard copy reports
• Airfares and/or travel costs incurred to areas outside FREE travel zone
• Travel time, ie time spent in transit
• Overnight Travel Rate: $400 per night when working outside FREE travel zone. This fee accounts for hire car, meals and accommodation and sundry expenses.
• Condition Based Monitoring Reports, additional reporting time is charged at $200 per hour.

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