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By: Industrial Precision Instruments  11-11-2011
Keywords: Infrared Cameras

Previous models of infrared cameras still available for purchase or support.

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Keywords: Infrared Cameras

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Products « IPI Thermal Imaging Cameras & Infrared Training

Infrared windows have become an industry-standard tool that enables thermographers to perform infrared surveys of energized electrical conductors and circuit parts while keeping panel covers and doors closed. Suitable for Visual and Corona cameras: NOT Impact Resistant (to UL and IEEE standards. Manufactured using Electrically Insulated Materials. Materials suitable for Industrial Environment. Fixed and Stable IR Transmission Rate.


Services « IPI Thermal Imaging Cameras & Infrared Training

Our Thermal Imaging Services are conducted by highly trained and experienced thermographers, utilizing the best equipment and practices in the industry. Our reports are prepared to the latest international standards, and we customize our data presentation to suit your specific analysis requirements. IPI Infrared are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive thermography services in Australia.


Thermography « IPI Thermal Imaging Cameras & Infrared Training

It goes on to endorse Thermographic electrical inspection as “relatively inexpensive to useconsidering the savings often realized by preventing equipment damage and business interruptions… considered a useful tool to evaluate previous repair work and proof test new electrical installations and newequipment still under warranty..


Calibration & Repair Facility in Melbourne « IPI Thermal Imaging Cameras & Infrared Training

Our workshop technicians are fully trained by the factories and are equipped to deal with day to day repairs on main wear and tear components of your camera, providing far superior turn around times than companies who rely solely of factoring servicing and support.


VPFR « IPI Thermal Imaging Cameras & Infrared Training

NFPA standards recommend infrared inspection under fully energized conditions; but PPE requirements and panel cover removal and reinstallation are time-consuming and therefore costly. Industrial-grade VPFR series infrared windows from IRISS will enable thermographers to survey critical electrical applications more efficiently and more safely than ever before.


VPFC « IPI Thermal Imaging Cameras & Infrared Training

The transmission rate characteristics of CaF2 are ideal for higher temperature applications, short and medium wave thermography and for the visual spectrum where transmission rates are over 90%. Industrial users are strongly encouraged to investigate the VPFR series of Industrial-Grade Infrared Windows which are specifically designed for stability in harsh industrial environments.