Indiafrica - Document and Image Conversions

By: Indiafrica  11-11-2011
Keywords: Human Resources, Document Scanning, Data Entry

Document & Image Conversions

Indiafrica is 100% BEE with over 10 years of document conversion and document scanning experience, Indiafrica is your best solution to convert your original documents into a digital format, our company specializes in paper and microfilm conversion, microfiche conversion, and aperture card conversion to various digital formats including TIFF & PDF. Indiafrica has state of the art equipment and experienced personnel that will produce the highest quality output. We do if necessary place around the clock staff to ensure your company document conversion projects back - when you need them.

Indiafricas’ philosophy has always been to work harder than anyone, keep overhead low and surpass the customer’s expectations. We will out-work and out-price anyone in the industry for document conversion of paper, microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards to a TIFF or PDF format.

What does Indiafrica do?

Indiafrica coordinates, organizes, inputs and converts paper based data and delivers information back to clients in an electronic format. This allows client organizations to save or optimize resources while still obtaining the benefits of converting data into a useable format.  Indiafrica is an outsourced data entry organization providing services spanning project design and management, coupled with technical and human resources to enable efficient conversion of physical data into readily accessible electronic formats freeing client organizations to concentrate on their core business. What type of data input services does Indiafrica offer?Indiafrica offers a broad menu of services which include (1) document scanning and indexing, (2) data entry from scanned images or paper documents, (3) document storage and destruction, (4) merge and purge database files and (5) output data in a multitude of file formats, (6) microfilm conversion.What are the Indiafrica advantages?Service - Indiafrica customers have access to comprehensive customer and technical support, available 24 X 7.   Indiafrica attention to detail and full project responsibility greatly improves overall client satisfaction levels.Scale - Indiafrica services are flexible and can be adapted to the changing needs of your business.  Our scalability enables seamless, on demand modifications in volume or service options – and reduces delays associated with project modifications or seasonal fluctuations.Savings - With Indiafrica your business benefits from lower capital and personnel costs associated with purchasing and maintaining the capability to convert data into information. With over 10 years experience, Indiafrica has developed a unique expertise in the most accurate and efficient data entry methods, including the use of software specifically developed for data entry applications.  Indiafrica is generally 5 times faster than a typical in house data entry solution.What kind of value does Indiafrica add to my Business?Indiafrica resources can be utilized to provide a spectrum of services ranging from strategic data entry project management to tactical outsourced data entry assignments. In each scenario Indiafrica can help turn your various functional departments into a more leveraged resource.  You are able to keep your fixed cost internal resources concentrated on higher-level tasks. We specialize on performing specific repetitive functions faster and more cost efficiently than can be accomplished with internal resources. High touch Offensive, Defensive, or analytical programs can be quickly implemented. Marketing, Operations, and Finance gain an additional level of speed that can be used to your advantage.


Keywords: Aperture Card, Data Entry, Document Scanning, Human Resources, Project Design