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By: Indawo  11-11-2011
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In a harsh South African climate our buildings get subjected to the severest conditions, especially in the Western Cape where gale force winds, persistent winter rains and extreme summer heat batter the coastline and reach well into the interior of the province. According to the region’s largest painting and waterproofing company, Indawo, the weather can prove to be an expeditor and consistent destroyer of building exteriors in the Western Cape.

Indawo Managing Director, Peter Jäck says, “After an in-depth audit into the condition of the weather beaten Ocean Quay situated in Gordon’s Bay, we found that quite a number of repairs had to be undertaken to restore the integrity of the structure. Leaking was a serious concern that resulted in significant damage and structural cracking. Product choice was crucial for a building so close to water’s edge and this is where partnering with Prominent Paints was a logical choice. Their Neuklad 100% Pure Acrylic paint has a protective film that can, literally, weather the storm and carries a paint film warranty of 15 years.”

The scope of the 12 week project included repairs to the structural surface of the building (plaster repairs, cracks and repairs to and insertion of horizontal and vertical expansion joints), waterproofing to restore the integrity of the exterior and restoration of wood and steel work. Jäck advises that a structured and progressive maintenance programme will ensure that building owners can reduce the costs of major repairs that result from persistent attacks on the exteriors of buildings along the coastline. A common cause of cracking appears to be insufficient expansion joints. If correctly inserted, these can reduce the risks associated with cracking resulting from the expansion and contraction of structures.

Jäck continues, “The key to reducing costs of repairs is a thorough and long term maintenance plan that has at its core the regular upkeep of both the exterior and interior of the building. Leaking should be addressed immediately to reduce the risks of further damage to buildings. It is crucial to opt for a paint film that remains intact for a guaranteed number of years. Insufficient or incorrect waterproofing is one of the main causes of the deterioration of the paint film and should be taken seriously even if the paint is guaranteed. Damage resulting from poor waterproofing voids the paint warranty.”

The choice of product, in this case, Neuklad 100% Pure Acrylic from Prominent Paints, had a surprising result for Indawo. Having completed the project, Prominent Paints were impressed by the results and this led to Indawo receiving the Prominent Paints SA Painter of the Year Award for the achievement of excellence in this particular project.

The competition, the first and only of its kind hosted by leading paint manufacturer, Prominent Paints, is in its third year and receives entries from more than 60 contractors. Independent judges from reputable architectural firms and industry leaders assess the quality of workmanship, the detail in applying product and the contractor’s ability to work within the specific job specifications. The 2010 Prominent Paints SA Painter of the Year Award went to Indawo Painting and Waterproofing for their superior standard of workmanship and professionalism in the Ocean Quay restoration project.

“We are thrilled to receive this award,” says Jäck. “In a tough industry, it is reassuring to have a company like Prominent Paints who are as committed to service and quality as we are. Building owners can be confident in knowing that by using reputable and experienced restoration companies and product suppliers their asset’s value will appreciate and shorten the return on investment time significantly.”

Jäck offers some advice for building owners:

  • Waterproofing. Probably one of the main causes of damage is poor waterproofing. By ensuring adequate protection, building owners can protect their investment for many years.
  • Correct application of paint. Opting for good quality paint and reputable contractors, building owners will not only improve the aesthetics of their asset, they will protect it from severe weather.
  • Maintenance. Maintaining the exterior and interior of the building and again using reputable contractors to do so will keep the building free of a number of problems. Keep gutters clean, check for cracking or hollowing of plaster and ensure that the building remains clean and clear of clutter that can damage the exterior.
  • Maintain wood and steel work. In an area where wood and steel are under constant attack, building owners should ensure that all wood and steel work is well maintained and protected.

Jäck concludes, “A home is a homeowner’s largest asset, so is a building for a building owner. By implementing a progressive maintenance plan, using reputable contractors and excellent quality products, owners will safeguard their investment and will reap the rewards when the time comes to cash in.”

Keywords: Painting And Waterproofing, Waterproofing

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