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By: Imago Relationship  11-11-2011


The GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT workshop runs over two days and offers you and your partner the opportunity to reconnect and foster an attitude within your relationship that develops an emphatic and mutual flow of energy between you.  This re-energised communication will ultimately strengthen the connecting loop within the intimate partnership and throughout the family.

What you can expect from participating in an IMAGO GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT workshop:

  • Greater compassion for your partner.  (This happens for everyone to a greater or lesser degree)
  • New communication skills to break destructive cycles of relating.  Couples learn how to channel the energy from their arguments to create passion and stability in the relationship
  • Discovering how the unconscious forces that attract you to your partner are also the source of conflict.  Participants receive more information about themselves and their partner, organized in a new, more thoughtful way.
  • New tools for re-romanticisizing your relationship to re-establish the passion of your early time together
  • Helping each other finish childhood issues
  • Learning how to use your relationship for emotional healing and spiritual evolution

IMAGO’S two day ‘GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT’ workshop is an ideal life and relationship enriching experience. It will teach you invaluable life skills that will not only enhance your relationship with your partner and family, but with your broader circle of friends and colleagues.

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