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By: Ideso  11-11-2011

The Cape Town Design Route, currently in it’s second year, is a partnership between the Design Indaba Expo, Cape Town Tourism and the Cape Town Partnership. The route features 62 designers and studios in and around the Western Cape. This initiative has helped to showcase the tremendous creative talent that we have locally.

As a Design Indaba Expo exhibitor, IDESO was selected to form part of this creative route.

If you would like to get your hands on the Design Route map, then you can find a copy at any of the Cape Town Tourism’s 18 visitor information centres across the city.

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Cape Town named Word Design Capital 2014! | News

We, as Ideso, are fully committed to working with the creative organisations, in order to uplift the local design industry and fully make use of the designation of World Design Capital. Cape Town has been named the World Design Capital for 2014.


Advanced Visualisation | Services | IDESO

Effective visualisation allows you to make better decisions early on in the design process, thereby reducing costs and speeding up the time to market. High-resolution still images and powerful product animation services enable our clients to quickly evaluate multiple design variations. Digital prototyping provides the ability to interact with and market a complete product before it’s manufactured.


Engineering | Services | IDESO

Our network allows us to include services like digitising, finite element analysis, tooling design and mould flow analysis. SolidWorks design software allows for the concurrent design of aesthetics and engineering. Specialised features include plastic / metal moulding design and sheet metal development. 2D technical drawings are produced for product qualification and assembly instructions.