By: Ibusiness  11-11-2011

Tenant co-ordination

The Consolidated Performance Projects tenant co-ordinator shall co-ordinate the beneficial occupation of the tenant and monitors the tenant’s contractor’s progress during the tenant installation period and ensures that both parties are contractually satisfied as well as that the installation requirements are met.

Tenant installation

Co-ordinate communication between the tenant and client teams respectively through formal and informal meetings, there-after co-ordinate aspects of work to be done by client’s contractors with those of the tenant’s contractors.

Agree designated access routes, material lay-down and storage areas, delivery times, security, etc. between the principal contractor and the tenant.

Handover and snagging.

Arrange and record official handovers between the client representatives, contractors, etc., and tenant; including recording of utilities meter readings and the like. Arrange for the project architect’s defect lists at the occupation date.

Assist in the settlement of disputes arising between the tenant, his agents and members of the client’s professional team and contractors. Manage changed tenant requirements and variations and obtain approval of both client and tenant.

Contracts and payments.

Record the date of trading commencement of all tenants together with any reasons for late commencement if applicable.Co-ordinate the preparation of final accounts in respect of each tenant, and submit same to the tenant for signature. Report on the status of this activity on a regular basis.

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The construction manager normally becomes involved in the "Design Development Stage" after the first two stages of a typical construction project has been reached; ie. "Initiation and Briefing Stage" and the "Concept & Feasibility Stage". This stage includes the process of establishing and implementing procurement strategies and procedures, including the preparation of necessary documentation, for effective and timeous execution of the project.