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By: I Drive Alert  11-11-2011
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Glasses have the following features

  1. Yellow Polarised lenses for day / night driving (UVA-protection). Excellent for night-driving (Tested).
  2. Fatigue / drowsy alarm to warn and wake fatigued / drowsy driver to stop and rest in order to prevent fatal accidents.

Alarm has two features namely buzzer and vibrating and together these features are very effective(Tested)**

Glasses come standard with car/truck charger 12/24 volt (lighter-socket), USB cable to charge the built-in luithain-battery in the glasses. Batteries last for 8 hours when fully charged. Alarm can be contolled by on/off-switch(button) on the glasses.

Solar-charger is available as an optional-extra and can be used to charge glasses, mobile-phones, cameras, shavers etc.

Prices are available on request and will differ from country to country, because of the exchange rate. Glasses come with one-year warrantee and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Put your safety first! Contact Gerhard now to order your own I Drive Alert glasses.

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Keywords: Glasses