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By: Hygiene Solutions  11-11-2011

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A warm welcome to all those new "receivers" of the Hygiene Solutions newsletter. The HS newsletter is sent out on a weekly basis and each week 2 or 3 interesting articles from the world of hospitality and hygiene are included.

To all current readers, hope you are all doing well. This week we have 3 interesting articles:

1. Proof that the dust mite and allergen problem is getting

2. Very interesting research regarding what guestswant in a
3. A cute story about a duck in a Swankey Washington hotel.

Pollution blamed for dust mite explosion

Dust mite infestation has doubled in less than 20 years !

For Professor De la Torre the reason for the startling hike is increased levels of pollution rather than any change in climate which is, despite global warming, much the same as it was two decades ago.

For Most People Price is not Number 1

WeGoPlaces Tourism recently polled their visitors on the most important factors when selecting a hotel - VERY INTERESTING !!

WeGoPlaces Tourism ( recently polled their visitors on the most important factors when selecting a hotel. The results may surprise you.

Many people would think that price is the number one factor, but it isn’t. While price is in the top three, it followed cleanliness and appearance as the most important hotel selection factors. On a scale of one to five (one being the most important), cleanliness ranked the highest, averaging 1.28 with appearance ranking second at 1.78.

Here are all of the results, rated 1 to 5, 1 being most important:
Cleanliness - 1.27
Appearance - 1.77
Price - 1.95
Non smoking rooms - 2.00
Hotel rating - 2.29
Distance from attractions - 2.29
Pool - 2.32
Reviews - 2.41
Continental breakfast - 2.54
Hotel brand - 2.98
Airport shuttle - 3.49
Fitness center - 3.70

Duck Builds Nest Outside Swanky Washington Hotel

Duck Nests In Planter Near Front Door

Hotel officials said this is the second consecutive year the duck has built her
nest outside the ritzy hotel.

The hotel's concierge is said to be looking after the fowl and her soon-to-be brood. Hotel officials said there are 11 eggs in the nest.

The hotel has begun giving guests a little rubber ducky when housekeeping turns down the beds, and for the time being, the hotel chef has removed duck from the menu.

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