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By: Hy-pro Filtration  11-11-2011
Keywords: Steam turbine, Filter Element, Lube Oil

  • Dynafuzz stainless fiber media element upgrades are impervious to strong acids that can form in phosphate ester fluids and compromise glass media integrity.  Ideal for steam turbine EHC systems that have had problems with media migrations.

  • ECR electrostatic removes submicron particles created by thermal degradation in hydraulic or lube oil.  Ideal for steam turbine EHC systems with dark fluid.

  • Ideal for Maintenance of Steam Turbine EHC Fire Resistant Fluids

  • ICB acid scavenging elements featuring EPT media technology are critical to maintaining low acid number and removing dissolved metals added to fluid by other acid removal technologies that lead to gels & deposits and poor air release properties.

  • Filter element spark discharge is a recognized cause of fluid degradation in hydraulic and lube oil systems creating soluble by-products and sub-micron carbon particles that deplete additives, cause fluid darkening and lead to varnish deposits.  Hy-Pro NSD (Non Spark Discharge) elements are the solution.

  • TMR introduces air with 150°F dew point suppression into reservoir headspace to maintain water levels < 300 ppm in EHC reservoir phosphate ester (to 1,000 gal / 3,750 liter reservoirs).

  • TMRN2 is an active breather system that maintains the air in the headspace that continuously introduces clean dry Nitrogen.As the dry N2 transfers through the headspace at RH < 1% the oil gives up its water striving to achieve equilibrium with the dry Nitrogen in the headspace.

    Nitrogen is an inert gas so it will also removecombustible gases (ie CO2, C2H2, CO, C2H4, C2H6, CH4, H2) from the oil to reduce oxidation and fluid breakdown.

  • Varnish potential test kits are available as VFTK (field portable) and VLTK (on-site lab).  Both VFTK & VLTK yield Membrane Patch Colorimetric for lube oil varnish potential (MPC ΔE) per ASTM D02.C0.01 WK13070.

  • Keywords: Filter Element, Fire Resistant Fluids, Lube Oil, Lube Oil Systems, Steam turbine,

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    Maintain proper fluid condition with Hy-Pro filter carts, dedicated off-line filtration, vacuum dehydration, turbine oil & fuel coalesce, soluble varnish removal SVR and electrostatic contamination removal systems. Experience years of trouble free EHC operation, avoid servo valve failures, expensive flushes and premature fluid replacement with our total Phosphate Ester solution.


    Products - filter element upgrade

    Hy-Pro lube specific lube elements optimize bearing lube element life where the combination of high viscosity, high flow and low terminal ?P alarm settings require the lowest possible clean element pressure drop and high efficiency particulate removal.


    Products - varnish prevention and removal

    Filter element spark discharge is a recognized cause of fluid degradation in hydraulic and lube oil systems creating soluble by-products and sub-micron carbon particles that deplete additives, cause fluid darkening and lead to varnish deposits. Both VFTK & VLTK yield Membrane Patch Colorimetric for lube oil varnish potential per ASTM D02.C0.01 WK13070. Ideal for Maintenance of Small Turbine Lube Oil & Compressor Reservoirs.


    Products - fluid conditioning equipment

    The configuration of two elements in series reduces fluid processing time and allows balanced use of high efficiency glass media that can be combined with water removal capabilities. COT turbine oil coalesce skids rapidly remove water from turbine oil with> 95% single pass efficiency, control particulate to 16/14/11 and lower.


    Products - duplex filter assemblies

    DLF / DLFM high flow low-medium pressure duplexes are ideal for critical high speed bearing lube pumping skids & other high flow or high viscosity applications. Ideal for continuous operation critical systems such as turbine seal oil, boiler feed pumps, FD-ID fan lube oil. Ideal for critical hydraulic systems such as HPU pump discharge, wind turbine and marine hydraulics. DFH high pressure duplex operating pressures up to 3000 psi / 210 bar.


    Products - high pressure filters

    PFH pressure filter max operating 8700 psi / 615 bar available in four sizes to handle applications from actuator valves to high flow pump discharge. PFHB bi-directional filter with 6200 psi / 450 bar operating pressure filter fluids in both flow directions. PF4 high flow high pressure filter max operating pressure 5000 psi / 350 bar. PFH features DFE rated filter elements for lower more stable ISO codes.


    Products - low pressure filters

    TF4 in-tank return filters with operating pressures to 150 psi / 10 bar feature Hy-Pro coreless elements or optional HF4 auto spec element. Low pressure spin-on assemblies with operating pressure to 200 psi / 14 bar feature DFE rated elements in a wide range of media options. MF3 medium pressure in-line filter with operating pressure up to 1200 psi / 83 bar is ideal for hydrostatic charge circuits.