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Humble Pie Entertainment (HPE) is a creative media company specializing in marketing and distributing high quality family and faith-based entertainment. Over the past four years Humble Pie Entertainment has been involved with various Christian film releases including One Night With The King, Bella, Son of Man for Ster-Kinekor, The Ten Commandments – Animated Film for MFILMS and Nu-Metro, Flywheel, Fireproof, Tornado the Kalahari Horse Whisperer for Aquavision and Ster-Kinekor, Faith Happens in partnership with Side By Side Films, God of Wonders, The Calling, The Blind Side, A Dance for Bethany and Hopeville just to name a few.

HPE also has a focus to develop the Christian film industry and recently launched the


HPE has gained a respectable name in the entertainment industry as a company who knows how to speak to the Christian market in

South Africa

and has evolved to launch campaigns into the secular market. With more than 20 years accumulated business and marketing experience, the management and team offers a creative strategy uniquely customised to any film release.


Our vision is to positively influence and bring hope to society through media and entertainment.

What makes Humble Pie Entertainment unique?

We have mastered the art of grass-root marketing and follow a unique “message marketing” approach for each film release… HPE will market cinematic events in various areas like never before! In order to do this an integrated multi-layered marketing and networking approach is taken. HPE will gear all marketing including screenings, events and movie premieres toward a specific target group with a specific message.

Unique Marketing Method – “Message Marketing”

HPE’s strategy is based on a unique system of highly effective marketing “formulas” that connect with consumers at a deeper, cause-based level, an approach which the company calls "message marketing".

Our target orientated, “message” driven initiative is geared to ensure the most effective and productive results by taking the challenge in bringing entertainment to the people by providing all the necessary elements in one through the variety of services we offer. We see our involvement as a marketing campaign and not just as a distribution effort. All our communication with the general public contributes to the expansion of the film project and the promotion thereof. With our involvement in the media industry and our network with various organizations we have a large database and knowledge of the industry to ensure successful marketing of any family and faith-based film release in

South Africa


HPE also supports the Film and Publication Board of South Africa and SAFACT in educating communities, churches and schools to follow the proper channels with screenings and/or making use of films. HPE has created a legal and ethical way for all groups to screen films in their communities through a reliable system.

Using targeted strategies to niche audiences, HPE can help you market your film - whether it's an independent endeavor or a block buster release.

Marketing Services 1. Marketing Strategy

We formulate a unique marketing strategy from the elements below to suite the required film release.

2. Branding and Design

We facilitate the entire branding and design process. Material Design for all elements will be done by our graphic designer.

3. Marketing materials

Posters, Promo DVD’s, Data discs (with all artwork elements), CD with radio clips, web banners etc. will be produced for all campaigns, in support of distribution and promotion at premiere screenings, at Churches & Schools, media events, festivals, malls, retail stores, music and retail stores etc.

3.1 Printed Materials:
  • A6 Full Colour Postcards
  • A5 Mobilisation Forms,
  • A4 Press Releases,
  • A2 Full Colour Posters
  • A0 Full Colour Double Sided, Mirror Posters for Theatrical and Rental Release.

3.2 Promo DVD
A promo DVD will be produced and authored with the movie trailer and bonus material which will market the movie. The aim with this is to have Churches and targeted groups use the Promo DVD and promote the film.

  • Promo DVD Production / Master
  • Promo DVD Replication

3.3 Data / Media CD/DVD
A media CD / DVD with artwork, data files and MP3 files with all relevant audio clips and interviews will be compiled and produced. This will be used on radio stations (Christian and Secular).

  • Promo CD Production / Master
  • Promo CD Replication

4. Networking and Strategic Partnerships (30+)
HPE has many partnerships and alliances with various Christian ministries and organizations and we will build strategic alliances with more where necessary to promote a film release. Each organization, ministry & school will receive a media pack which will include marketing material & resources to mobilize their communities in support of the film’s release.
HPE will speak to the most influential pastors and leaders in SA to ask them to promote the film, and so mobilise their followers to support the film’s release.

5. Public Relations

Humble Pie Entertainment will be in constant communication with the media, ensuring sufficient movie exposure whilst arranging all relevant interviews & competitions.

6. Competitions and give-aways

Humble Pie Entertainment will continue the hype around the film’s release by strategically positioning give-aways and competitions during the marketing campaign. From our experience we have seen that competitions ads value and crates interest in the film during the marketing campaign.

7. Online Marketing & Web Presence

A specific website will be created which will inform and assist in the marketing of the film. Various links and information will be made available to the public on the website to help promote the film. Artwork, posters and pictures will be made available for churches and individuals to download and enable them to promote the film in their congregations and communities. Examples of websites include: 


7.1 Website Design
An interactive web site will be developed for the South African release.

7.2 Web Banners
Web banners will be designed and placed strategically on other websites with links to the film’s web site and blog site.

7.3 Social Networks
Social Networking Communities: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, MySpace will be utilized.

  • E-mail Campaign – Promoting the Road Show.
  • E-mail Campaign – Promoting the Theatrical Release.
  • E-mail Campaign – Promoting Community and Church Screenings.
  • Media Invitation E-mailer.
  • E-mail Campaign – Promoting the Rental DVD Release.
  • E-mail Campaign – Promoting the Retail DVD Release.

8. Mobile Marketing
Promotional sms’s to database and SMS competitions.

9. Advertising

Nationwide media including print, radio and television will receive press packs customized for both the Christian and secular media, including:

  • Data disk with artwork elements.
  • Press releases.
  • Radio clips on CD.
  • Promo DVD.
  • Movie trailer and interviews on DVcam.

9.1 Printed Media Campaigns (Newspapers and Magazines)
Adverts, advertorials and editorial inserts to major national Christian and secular magazines and newspapers. (A list can be provided).

9.2 Radio Campaigns (Radio Stations)
Interviews, information announcements and competitions with all Christian and selected secular radio stations in SA. (A list can be provided). Through this we would get the churches and the “man-on-the-street” informed about this film.

9.3 Television Campaigns (TV Channels and Programs)
Televise the trailer on selected Christian and secular TV stations and programs (A list can be provided). HPE will arrange that reviews, interviews and trailers are played on selected programs. The heart and message of the film will be communicated to the viewers.

9.4 Intertainment
Adverts, EPK’s and other promotional videos will be included on Intertainment - the official onboard entertainment presented as “Everyday TV” on over 100 InterCape busses reaching over 100 000 captivated viewers per month throughout Southern Africa. InterCape is the largest privately owned intercity passenger transport service in Southern Africa.

10. Road Shows

HPE will initiate a road show and present pre-screenings of the film in selected towns and cities. During the road show DVD pre-sales can take place and marketing material will be provided to communities to create a hype leading up to the theatrical and DVD release.

11. Premieres

National film premieres will be held before the film release. These events will be organized and facilitated by Humble Pie Entertainment together with movie theatres and there will be a RSVP list for all these events with the leaders and key people attending. A local representative of HPE will welcome the guests and afterwards all guests representing an organization will receive a marketing package which will consist of a promo DVD, Press Release, Mobilisation Form (Block Bookings, Community Screenings, DVD Pre-Order etc.) and A2 Posters. The screening events before the release date will serve as premiere events and will give the film major publicity and HPE will also invite media to write reviews and distribute editorials about the film to the media.

12. Community & Church Screenings
HPE can advertise and facilitate the screening of your film through an alternate distribution platform, known as – Community & Church Screenings. Through this the DVD release can be promoted with the goal of increasing awareness on a grass-root level, reach thousands of people and get more DVD sales through the rental and retail market. HPE will offer schools, churches and communities the opportunity to host screenings of your film after the theatrical release, reaching audiences where there aren’t any cinemas!

Motivation: As you may know, many churches will eventually show the DVD illegally without any permission. This will promote the retail DVD that will be available in all the stores and get the churches to buy bulk DVD’s when the Retail DVD becomes available.

13. Red Carpet Events

VIP Red carpet black-tie premiere events can be organized with drinks, red carpet, film crew (the footage will be used for further marketing and also T.V inserts – to increase the visibility and hype of the film to the general public), “prop’s” (this is to create the perfect atmosphere of the film at the entrance of the theatre) etc. in Cape Town or Johannesburg. The invites will only be key media, VIP guests and celebrities.

14. Resource Development

Development of resources which compliment the film’s core message can be created – study guides, group discussion forms, wallpapers etc.

15. Rental Marketing Campaign

A campaign consisting of posters and flyers in DVD rental stores throughout

South Africa

advertising that the movie is coming to the big screen and to DVD rental stores.

16. Retail Marketing

A2 posters, branded mobiles, promotional stands etc. can be used be displayed in retail stores. We can also encourage churches and organizations to set up a display promoting the movie. A possible co-branding with selected retail stores can also be considered. All the above mentioned services can be used to market the retail DVD.

17. Other Marketing Initiatives:

The following ideas can be considered for promoting your film release.

  • Free pre- screening events to groups.
  • Co-Branding with products.
  • CD Album Production and Release.
  • Media Launch / Press Conferences.
  • Retail DVD Launch / Buyers Presentation

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Later on his responsibilities increased and included managing a call centre, retail distribution and rental distribution for Faith Like Potatoes.Peet is the co-founder of Humble Pie Entertainment, he is the President of the and the Chairman of (Christian Arts and Media South Africa Forum).