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Investing in Christian Movies!
If you are someone who has been blessed with the ability to invest, why not invest in something that has the potential to make an amazing and powerful impact? Fireproof, which cost $500,000 to produce, made $33.1 million, more than 60 times its budget! Investing in Christian films doesn’t only offer financial gain, but also enables Christian film companies to produce more Christian films with the aim to reach the world with the Gospel, give hope to the hopeless and ultimately inspire people. Films such as “The Passion Of The Christ”, “Faith Like Potatoes” and “Fireproof” reached millions of people and has left an eternal impact in the lives of all who watched them. Not only have these films reached millions, but also generated significant returns for their investors. Innovation Film Investments offers you the oportunity to invest in film releases. What is Innovation Film Investments (IFI)?
IFI is an independent project financier offering investment opportunities to a variety of net-worth individuals who wish to invest in the film industry. IFI is the financial security partner of Humble Pie Entertainment and ensures effective financial management of all film projects managed by Humble Pie Entertainment.

Why do people invest in our film projects?

The answer depends on the individual. Some are attracted by the idea of being film business “insiders”. Others are drawn to the idea of supporting projects that spread the gospel through film. Ultimately, most people who become film investors choose a particular film investment opportunity that they have identified as a feature film project that can potentially generate audience acceptability in the marketplace – offering potential significant profits.

How much can I invest?
Film projects taken on by Innovation range between a R 20 000 and R 650 000 budget. Depending on the structure of the investment opportunities memorandum (IOM) investments generally have a unit minimum ranging from R 10 000 to R 100 000, but full project investment also exists.

Film Investment Models
• DVD Rental & Retail Release – R 20 000 to R 60 000 Investment.
• Church Screening Release – R 200 000 to R 300 000 Investment.
• Low-Key Theatrical Release – R 100 000 to R 250 000 Investment.
• Standard Theatrical Release – R 500 000 to R 650 000 Investment.

Can these investments be traded on an exchange or be sold?
Any Innovation Film Investment opportunity is illiquid and cannot be readily sold. Any potential return is likely to occur from payment preferences detailed in each film‘s investment opportunities memorandum. How long does it take for a film to generate returns?
Depending on the time it takes to complete all aspects of the project plan and depending on the particular film’s level of success, a film investment opportunity may begin generating a return on investment (ROI) within 6 months, however it could take up to 36 months.

How risky is film investment?
IFI combines the services of Humble Pie Entertainment, an established creative media, marketing and project management agency specializing in the film industry with an experienced and qualified management team to evaluate the risk of each project and provide various options to limit this risk. Nonetheless, film investments are speculative in nature, involve a relatively high degree of risk, and are appropriate for investors who can afford to lose some of their investment capital. What investment options are there?
IFI currently offers two simple models of investment.
1. Loan-Investment Model – this option secures your initial capital in the form of a loan agreement, but gives you the added benefit of acquiring a percentage share in the specific film project’s profit.
2. Pure Investment Model – this option does not secure your capital, but offers you a greater share in the film project’s profit.

Do investors receive any perks beside return?
Yes. Investors receive screen credits before the film on all rental and retail DVDs and are automatically included in our Special Membership category through which they will be invited to attend film premier events, film production sets and receive DVD hampers when available as well as being notified about any new investment opportunities. Investors also receive a detailed quarterly report as well as an annual audited report for their various investments made with IFI.

Can investors invest in more than one film project?
Yes, IFI believes in the old proverb of not keeping all your eggs in one basket, and strongly urges investors to diversify their investment portfolio with IFI. How can I get started on my way to investing in film projects?
You can start by applying as a potential investor. Any new film project taken on by Humble Pie Entertainment needing investors will be communicated to you for review. Investment opportunities will be on a first come first serve basis. What makes Innovation Film Investments unique?
Humble Pie Entertainment specialises in distributing films and IFI offers investment opportunities to make this possible. There is no risk of whether a film will ever be completed - IFI only offers investment in completed films that already have secured distribution channels.Contact:
Pieter Pohl - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
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Keywords: Film, Film Project

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