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By: Huawei  11-11-2011


The Cloud Stor series comprises the OceanStor Cloud Storage service Engine (CSE), and the OceanStor Cloud Storage System (CSS). The CSE is a cloud infrastructure-based service executive environment with multi-service carrying capability, which can provide all-around subscriber management and business..

SAN (Storage Area Network)

Enterprises are faced the problems of system performance bottle-neck, long downtime when expanding capacity, unbalanced cold and hot data management, and high TCO. The Huawei Storage Area Network (SAN) series is a family of products that aim to meet these storage requirements..

NAS (Network Attached Storage)

With the development of information, unstructured data has become the main data for many enterprises, how to store and manage these data become a series problem. NAS has help customers realize multi-servers share data by IP network, but a single NAS is hard to deal with exploded data..

Application Storage

This application storage series is composed of two virtual tape library products (the OceanStor VTL3500 and OceanStor VTL6000 )and one virtual intelligent storage system (OceanStor VIS6000). The VTL3500 is a virtual tape library product targeting the data backup market for SMBs..

SNS Switch

The Huawei OceanStor SNS switch series is made up of the OceanStor SNS2120 and OceanStor SNS5120. The SNS2120 is a stackable fiber channel (FC) switch that fits into small and independent storage area networks (SANs) and can be put in edge topologies of large core switching networks..

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Global - Huawei - Services

Huawei provides fixed network integration solutions including national broadband integration, IPTV network integration, IMS integration, and fixed network evolution for typical networking scenarios of operators, to help them rapidly build their networks, and increase their operating income.


Global - Huawei - Application & Software

In 2010, with our innovative solutions, we served leading operators, including Cell C, Etisalat, Royal KPN, Megafon, STC, and Vodafone, constantly creating value for our customers. We are dedicated to helping telecom operators increase their revenue and improve their operational efficiency.


Global - Huawei - OSS

Our uBro and Pico O&M solution performs all HomeAPs and ePicos related operations such as configuration, diagnosis, and upgrade, thus implementing realizing remote maintenance of HomeAPs and ePicos in a centralized mode. Containing products like iManager U2000 and iManager N2510, the fixed broadband O&M product series can help streamline your O&M process, reduce OPEX, and enhance O&M efficiency.