By: Hrs Group  11-11-2011

Welcome to our Corporate Division 


Focusing on financial/business re-engineering and profit enhancement
strategies to create a viable and sustainable business, we offer the
following corporate recovery services:-

  • Assessment of business viability and sustainability;
  • Corporate risk assessment and tailored mitigation strategies;
  • Formulation and implementation of profit enhancement and business efficiency strategies;
  • Financial/business re-engineering;
  • Assessment and advice on company funding structures;
  • Sourcing and structuring of alternative finance and/or restructuring of present finance;
  • Asset and/or group unbundling.

Welcome to our Business Support Division 


With an emphasis on providing efficiency and value add performance
orientated support services, we offer the following:

  • Assessment, formulation and implementation of corporate strategies;
  • Assessment, formulation and assistance in the realisation of growth prospects in terms of organic and/or acquisition strategies;
  • Formulation and implementation of acquisition strategy;
  • Consolidation of core business activities in managing outsourced non-core business activities;
  • Outsourcing of financial head office function i.e. preparation and implementation of budget, financial monitoring and control, deviation reporting and variance analysis;
  • Preparation of monthly board packs and management reports;
  • Implementation of corrective action;
  • Assessment, structuring and implementation of financial business group structures.

Welcome to our BBBEE Division 


What is a BEE Scorecard? The BEE Scorecard is a verified report on your current status as a BEE contributor according to the latest DTI Codes of Good Practice (released 9 February 2007).

What is BEE (Black Economic Empowerment)? Black Economic Empowerment is a process of assisting and educating black people to enable them to contribute to the economy. HRS Group found that most of our clients were already doing that, not to obtain points, but to help and educate their employees! Now you get recognition for that! Why is a BEE Scorecard an advantage? With the new BEE codes released on 9 February 2007, large Enterprises should spend a portion of their procurement at:
  • Micro-Enterprises and QSE's (Qualified Small Enterprises);
  • Black Owned and Black Woman-owned Enterprises;
  • and a few more.
  • Now you can submit tenders and supply a Scorecard as required.
  • Small companies can NOW COMPETE against big companies as suppliers

  • Exemption CertificatesBusinesses with a turnover of less than 5 (Five) million rand per annum will be exempted from having a BEE scorecard.

    We have concluded numerous successful and sustainable BBBEE transactions.
    Based on our practical experience, we have developed a unique methodology to assist our clients to conclude a sustainable BBBEE transaction.

    With primary focus on the construction of a sustainable BBBEE transaction, our BBBEE offering comprises of the following:-
    Assessment of Vendor Company:

    • Legal & Financial Assessment;
    • Preparation of Vendor Information Pack;
    • Establishing value parameters of transaction via Corporate valuation;
    • Establish profile and criteria for BBBEE partner via needs analysis;
    • Assessment of current BBBEE status, development and implementation of a strategy to comply with the scorecard as per the BBBEE Act and the Codes of Good Practice.
    • Obtain scorecard rating by an accredited rating agency in terms of the seven key elements.

    BBBEE Partner Sourcing:

    • Sourcing of the right strategic value added partner from our BBBEE Database;
    • Assessment of potential BBBEE partner, both qualitative and quantitative.

    Introduction of BBBEE Partner:

    • Facilitation and Management of Process.

    Negotiating Of Deal:

    • Negotiating and assisting parties in agreeing to all aspects of the deal, both quantitative and qualitative;
    • Advise on preparation of BBBEE Budget.

    Deal Structure:

    • Advise on and structuring of “Best Practise” deal structure.

    Financial/Funding Structure:

    • Advise on and structuring of Financial/Funding structure in compliance with Code of Conduct prescribed by the DTI as amended from time-to-time.

    Sourcing of Capital Funding:

    • Preparation of BBBEE Business Plan/Finance Application;
    • Presentation to potential funders;
    • Negotiating with potential funders to ensure “Best Deal”.

    Finalisation of Deal:

    • Briefing of and assisting attorneys in finalising all legal agreements giving effect to transactions.

    Post BBBEE Deal: Ensuring Sustainability:

    • Business Support Services;
    • Mentorship;
    • Ensuring that parties achieve quantitative and qualitative deal objectives.

    Welcome to our Human Resource Division 


    We conduct/ensure the following:-

    • Professional H.R. audits;
    • Employment contracts complying with legislation ;
    • Compliance with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act or relevant Bargaining Council Main Agreements;
    • Human resource policies and procedures;
    • Employment equity plans and reports as required by the Department of Labour;
    • Skills development plans and submission of documents for grant claims;
    • Human resource strategies related to succession planning (EEA);
    • Change management strategies & implementation thereof;
    • Restructuring of companies – retrenchments in line with the labour relations act.

    Welcome to our Labour Relations Division 


    Our team will review the client’s disciplinary code and procedure and:

    • Assist in drafting the notice to attend counseling or disciplinary hearing;
    • Appoint an unbiased chairperson to chair the hearing;
    • Research previous cases with similarities and provide best practice advice on how to handle the matter;
    • Recommend a sanction to management for consideration;
    • Attend conciliations on the company’s behalf;
    • Prepare management & witnesses for arbitrations or Labour court matters;
    • Draft settlement agreements when necessary.

    Welcome to our Training and Development Division 


    We provide the following services:

    • Training needs analysis;
    • Course development;
    • SETA registration of courses;
    • Skills development plans;
    • Management development plans;
    • Mentoring employee development;
    • Claiming grants from SETA’s in terms of the Skills Development Act;
    • Conference planning;
    • Strategic planning sessions;
    • SWOT analysis, sales & marketing, motivational, LR, HR etc.

    Welcome to our Payroll Division 


    Our team consists of payroll administrators with more than 30 years combined experience in wages and salaries. This service provides the confidentiality that every company deserves and the assurance that all the statutory requirements, Bargaining Council requirements and Tax laws are met.

    We utilize the VIP GT / Premium Personnel and Payroll software as we have found it the best system to provide our clients with all the HR reports that they may require. VIP is the preferred payroll system of SARS.

    Full payroll function which consists of:

    • Monthly processing of payroll including standby and call-out allowances, overtime and commissions;
    • Processing of medical aid and provident fund information;
    • Printing and distribution of pay slips;
    • Electronic pay slips if required;
    • Monthly reconciliations;
    • General ledger download;
    • Loading of third party payments;
    • Other specific monthly reports;
    • Handling of all queries regarding the payroll from employees and outside companies.

    Welcome to our Recruitment and Selection Division 


    Job Specification Detailing

    • An on-site consultation is carried out at the client’s premises in order to ensure full understanding of the company’s culture, strategy and requirements;
    • We are able to assist with job descriptions, the minimum skills criteria that should be met by the potential incumbents, as well as the level and specific nature of tertiary education that the position would require;
    • Assistance and information are supplied with regards to the salary bench-marking of the position with special reference to the industry, location and skill requirement.


    • The client has the option of remaining anonymous should they so wish. Advertising placed for the vacant position would then be placed under the auspices of HRS GROUP. The name of the company will not be divulged to the candidate until such time as is relevant and necessary;
    • The client however has the option to utilise the advertising to further their branding and market exposure. All advertisements placed in the client’s name will be required to be signed off by the
      client, prior to placement;
    • In both instances as above the response will be dealt with under the auspices of HRS Group, thereby alleviating the client from inundation of applications and any inconvenience this may cause.

    Candidate Selection

    • All applications are carefully screened, candidates interviewed and thorough reference checks and qualification verifications are carried out prior to presentation to the client;
    • The client is then presented with a comprehensive summary of the short-listed candidates, based on skills and competency evaluation, as well as personality alignment for the position in order to streamline the selection process;
    • Interviews will then be arranged at the client’s convenience with the chosen candidates;
    • Guidance on the selection process is given and if requested, we are able to assist at the interview;
    • Should the client wish, our offices are available for off-site, confidential interview purposes.


    • Once the client has made the final selection, we will prepare the Offer of Employment for the client’s signature;
    • HRS Group will then present the signed Offer of Employment directly to the candidate. Should further negotiation result, HRS Group will act on behalf of the client. On signed acceptance, the date of employment commencement will be finalized;
    • The client will receive a copy of the final, signed Offer of Employment as confirmation of the appointment.