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By: Hr Outsource  11-11-2011
Keywords: Human Resources, Training and Development

To assist our clients to develop, sustain and grow their multi-dimensional organisations and focus on their core business, we offer a range of customised HR products and services:

  • Strategic planning for business and human resources

  • E-HR strategy, enablement and implementation

  • HR research & development (including benchmarking & best practice)

  • Outsourcing of Human Resources Management and SLA's (full or in part)

  • Payroll and personnel administration outsourcing (including Employee Self Service)

  • Web Based Performance Management Systems

  • Customised Manual Performance Management Systems

  • Recruitment and Selection (including on-line database searches)

  • Screening

  • Psychometric testing

  • Initial interviews

  • ITC - Reference checks

  • Recommendations

  • Organisational design

  • Job analysis, design & evaluation

  • Employment equity design of policy and plans

  • Management of labour solutions

  • Web based Labour tool ( Labourworx)

  • Career & succession planning

  • Team Building - "Dream Team Event"

  • Coaching and Mentoring

HR Outsourcing

Experience the difference - your hassle free HR department.

Experience the cost effectiveness of HR Outsource who could be your specialized outsourced HR department today. No more hassle in managing the people administration. Immediate access to specialist skills and services. Focus on your business and customer rather than on staff administration!

Pay a fixed monthly fee for all your business' HR requirements including:

  • Payroll

  • Generic of the Shelf - HR Policies, Procedures and contracts.

  • HR and training administration

  • Workplace skills plans

  • Recruitment

  • Management training and development

  • Productivity improvement support

  • Team building

  • Industrial Relations

HR Outsource is an accredited training provider, registered with Services SETA.

Our accreditation number: 0686/23/09/05


 We are the most effective facilitators of practical, holistic learning opportunities.


HR Outsource is passionate about integrating future needs and currently realities at personal, team and organisational levels.

To meet our clients' business objectives and need for ROI we:

  • Challenge current organisational paradigms to unleash the clients potential

  • Create customised learning experiences and programs

  • Make the learning experience fun to assist the transfer of learning

  • Practice an ethic of continuous improvement and self development for our clients and ourselves

HR Outsource is committed to the development and delivery of relevant learning solutions through personal and committed relationships with our clients that include pre and post delivery support and shared accountability for results.

We form long-term partnerships with our clients and offer a wide range of experiential, outcomes based educational, training and development programs and make appropriate use of latest e-technology.

  • Alignment of learning strategies to business objectives

  • Training / learning needs analysis

  • Development of organisational learning plans

  • Programmes design, development and delivery utilizing latest technology (Including e-learning)

  • Pre and post learning assessment

  • Support of learning transfer via coaching and mentoring

  • NQF accreditation and outsourced services

Ladder of Learning

Leadership Skills

Management Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Personal Skills

HR Outsource has developed a learning approach, which includes its Ladder of Learning for development of people and organisations.

Each rung of the ladder consists of a number of accredited and aligned training interventions which should be mastered over time for the full development and learning of the individual.

On the bottom rung of the ladder is the Personal Skills set of Training interventions which must be developed and mastered before one can develop and grow to master Interpersonal Skills

Once the interpersonal skill too has been mastered, together with sound technical skills which are applied in our client organisation, the employee with the right potential should be considered for development to grow into a managerial position.  Such employees often require HR Outsource's Management Skills set of training programmes as s/he progresses up the organisational ladder.

Having now mastered all levels of personal, interpersonal and management training and practice, the next strategic challenge is to develop solid Leadership Skills and change management skills for our managers and leaders to grow, direct and redirect the organisation toward success.  Here our Leadership Sills rung of the ladder developed through a number of introspective and developmental programmes pitched at growing the to leaders or organisations to achieve their full potential as well as that of the organisations that they represent. 

Our accredited learning programme include:

Labour relations Skills for Managers and Supervisors

NQF Level


Labour relations Skills for Managers and Supervisors



Winning teams (team building skills)



Finance for non Financial managers



Finance for non Financial managers



Wnning diversity management



Winning presentations



Winning business writing skills



Winning diversity awareness



Winning teleskills(Telephone Etiquette)



Professional people (Etiquette)



Winning people (Personal Mastery)



Winning in communication



Winning assertive communication



Winning time management 



The winning communicator



The winning voice



Winning customer care and sales skills



Winning Stress Management


1 2

Performance Management



Coaching and Mentoring



Change Management



 HR Outsource's Change Management Methodology,

 "Navigating the Waves of Change"

Works in conjunction with process and system driven/led change.  We offer a holistic integrated, solution and work with our clients to transform their business in terms of its people, processes and systems.

We are involved in both business, process and people re-engineering, workflow design etc. based on new business process.  We assist our client to think out of the box and map to new as opposed to existing processes.  We facilitate and work through the Change management methodology in effecting "buy" in to the business and people processes changes.

 "Navigating the Waves of Change"

HR Outsource's proven change methodology is at the centre of our approach to change. Supporting our methodology, are over forty HR Outsource tools for use in the implementation of any type of change.

While we certainly do provide direct strategy and implementation consulting services to clients, we also can train and partner selected client change targets.

 Four main target groups have been identified.  These include:

  • Change Consultants

  • Change Champions

  • Change Agents

  • Managers of Change

HR Outsource differs from its competition and most larger accounting / technology consulting firms, in that we do transfer skills, methodology and tools to our clients to manage change during and post the change event.

Our highly skilled and experienced local team of South African and internal professionals understand how change affects human behaviour and how individuals react to change.  Our focus is on maximizing our clients' investment in their people and ROI, and minimizing the risks associated with change by balancing the business needs and realities with the concerns and issues that people may have.

 We have had a wide range of change experience and a proven track record in various types of organisational change projects. 

Change Consulting and implementation track record.. 

Technology and process change

SASKO - SAP Implementation

SFW - SAP Implementation 

De Beers Marine - SAP Implementation    

Old Mutual - Document Management

Alexander Forbes - Software Implementation

Standard Bank home loans and Card division  

Restructuring / Outsourcing

V&A Waterfront


University of the North 

Mergers and Acquisitions

PSG - Channel Management Services


External Inviroment

Drivers of Change

Legal Systems


Economic Factors

Social Factors

Technological Factors

Political Environment

Ecological Environment


Internal Response

Improved Effectiveness & Efficiencies


Business Products & Services

Business Processes

Business Systems

Business Profitability

Business People







  • Set up project team

  • Identify and analyse stake holder

  • Link business-  and project vision

  • Establish Change Readiness

  • Develop a picture of "future" state

  • Asses current state

  • Identify GAP's


  • Communications strategy

  • Detailed Changed project plans

  • Change leadership planning

  • Specific change inventions

  • Business processes as is / to be and gaps

  • Supporting systems (where applicable)


  • Structures

  • Job outlines

  • Rewards to sustain the new performance management measures

  • Specific change interventions


  • Changes

  • Measure success

  • Review

  • Improve

Methodology and Toolkit 

Our methodology and toolkit is project based and links in to most types of change processes. (For more details and to view the toolkit please contact us for a presentation).

Major focus areas in our methodology include: 

  • Business envisioning and process mapping

  • Communications

  • Human Resources

  • Change Education

  • Training and Development

  • Project team support

What is Performance Management?

A formal management process for harnessing, directing, evaluating, measuring and rewarding human effort, competence and talent in realising an organisation's vision, mission and objectives.

HR Outsource philosophy is illustrated below in a simplistic image:

Principles that underlie Performance Management:

  • Agreed framework of planned goals, standards and competence requirements (agreement between manager and individual on expectations)
  • Process (not just a systems of forms and procedures) it is the ACTIONS people take to achieve the delivery of results
  • Shared understanding (individuals need to have a shared understanding about high level plans and what organisational objectives they are working towards
  • Approach to managing and developingpeople (how employees work together and develop their skills and knowledge)
  • Geared towards achievement (it is about job related success for the individuals so they can make the best use of their abilities)
  • The process owned and driven by line managers

Advantages and Benefits of Performance Management

HR Policies and Procedures

  • Smoking policy
  • Staff development policy
  • Poor performance policy
  • Travel and reimburse policy and claims
  • Termination of employment policy
  • Employment Assistance Policy
  • Training Policy
  • Relocation Policies

Keywords: Human Resources, Training and Development