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By: Holo-spectra  11-11-2011

Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

5/28/98 There is a new member to the Pangolin LD family, and it is a great deal and a great new product. If you are confused about the different versions of LD or how the products compare to the competition, take a look at the .  We have added photos of the scanner in action and showing output quality at 18,000 points/sec.  Our new package using these two products is a complete low cost laser display system,  .  Don't miss the if you are interested in DMX controllable laser effects.  These are a great deal on rugged positionable bounce mirrors.   Watch for a news release here soon on a low cost whitelight laser based on Coherent's Innova technology similar to their Purelight.  And if you have been wondering what our SpectraScan programs, , are really like, well soon they will be available on this site as free fully functioning demos.

2/5/98  Quotes from users have been added to our SpectraScan software descriptions particularly LD Graphic Converter.   A of the BeamWizard program has been added to explain all the capabilities of this powerful new program.  Downloads are now available in BeamWizardbrochuresis also available for download as shareware.  This new program is a drag-and-drop batch file format converter for Pangolin files.  More sample files have been added showing language conversion with LD Graphic Converter.  These are frames made with .  There are also sample laser display frames in ILDA ILD and Amiga LDA formats for those users who have requested other frame file formats.  Now more technical information is available on the we have for sale.

1/12/98 Additions of pages describing the new

11/23/97 Some graphics got repaired and a few new special items in the home page. There is a new download page for laserists that has sample frames from the LD Graphic Converter as well as our info pack from the ILDA meeting.

This entire web site is being downloaded to the server for the first time 11/10/97 Sunday night at midnight, typical programmer's hours. There will be many rapid additions, changes, and corrections. Please assist us with your feedback. The page can be accessed below.

What We Are Up To

1/12/98  Happy New Year.  A lot of programming on BeamWizard to add LD show playing with some very useful options such as time-bending where you can slow or speedup a show in realtime.  This is ideal for laserists performing show scenes that must synchronize to uncertain human actions.  Also, have gotten in hot and heavy with virtual show memory allowing many shows and scenes to be resident in memory greatly reducing latency when you make your show key selection. 

4/98 We have been on a buying spree and have added to our laser rental fleet.  We now have a 28W large frame Coherent Innova to add to our large frame Spectra 171's.  We also built a 171 whitelight with 12 watts which is available for rental. Also purchased were some excellent Coherent 699 Ring Dye lasers which will soon have a few pages of their own.  These are systems many a Chemistry Dept. would love to provide a home for.

3/00  We are pleased to do a month long show for the Dubai Shopping Festival on the Creek.  In conjunction with this, Holo-Spectra now has representation for the MiddleEast through the Helix UAE office.  We specialize in the support and creation of laser displayed Arabic text.

10/00  Bill is busy in Asia with new installations in Vietnam, Singapore, and China.  Our club installation at Club Monaco in HoChiMinh City is one of the best 4 watt whitelight installs in all of SEAsia.

4/01  Here are two recent press releases.  It was a lot of hard work for Bob, Bill, Richard, and Buck, but the excellent GreenHornet projector is now born.