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By: Hoisting And Handling  11-11-2011
Keywords: Electric Motors, Variable Speed Drives


  • AC Custom Motor
  • DC Custom Motor

The range of SICMEMOTORI Electric Motors for industrial applications is one of the most complete and reliable existing in the market.

SICMEMOTORI has been designing and manufacturing DC Electrical motors for industrial applications for may years. Now they are designing and manufacturing AC Vector Speed Motors, which provide high torque at low speeds for applications requiring constant torque when using variable frequency inverter drives.

SICMEMOTORI is among the few present in the market able to satisfy clients' requests for electrical motors where speed variation & constant torque is involved:

    Other products include permanent magnet motors for slow speed operation without gearboxes.


  • AC Vector Drives
  • DC Digital Drives

The Gefran Siei brand of Digital variable speed drives both AC & DC, is a true European range designed and manufactured in Italy. The brand has been in existence for many years.

Gefran DC Drives are extensively used across the world, they are one of the most popular brands, being very versatile, reliable and a complete range. Ratings from 20A to 3500A, 6 pulse or even larger in 12 pulse configuration, 2 or 4 quadrant operation.

Gefran range of AC variable speed drives are among the worlds leading designs, ever evolving and developing according to market needs and technology developments.

Drives are supplied suitable for full 4 quadrant operation with or without additional braking options. The options available are Dynamic Braking with external resistors, full regenerative braking with Thyristors or IGBT front end controllers.

A full range of Accessories such as Input Chokes, Braking Modules, EMC filters, Communication and extention cards, Output chokes and filters are available.

Keywords: Electric Motors, Variable Speed Drives