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By: Hire A Programmer  11-11-2011
Keywords: Classic Asp

We list freelancer programmers for free on this website, but understand that sometimes you won't always find what you are looking for. So why not give Hire A Programmer a try? Take a read below to find out what we offer, and if we might be able to help you. The services we offer
Our skill set is mainly made up of programming skills used for website and custom web application development. We use technologies like Classic ASP & PHP, HTML, Javascript and Miscrosoft SQL Server. VB6 is also one of the technologies used, but we have had very few requests for it, so depending on the circumstance, we might just be able to help you. Why use an older technology like Classic ASP instead of .NET?
Classic ASP websites are easier to maintain. Files can be changed and uploaded more easily vs a .NET application as Classic ASP websites do not need to be recomplied before they can function online. There is also less time involved from making a change to website, to having the change live on the internet. Sure, .NET development might initially be a bit faster than Classic ASP, but debugging and making changes to an existing website is faster and easier with Classic ASP. One downfall of Classic ASP is its not as powerful as .NET, and if you need a complex and advanced website, we might just recommend you go the .NET route. Please enquire about this if you suspect .NET might be the option for you. So now you know what we offer, if you feel we can help you, drop us a mail by clicking on the link below ;)

Keywords: Classic Asp