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By: High Tech Medical  11-11-2011

The System of Choice for Advanced Endoscopic Examination

Limitless application with the new full HD 4400 platform

Fujinon's 4400 System is designed to meet your needs for both traditional endoscopy and advanced endoscopic examination. The combination of traditional instruments and our advanced endoscopic products such as F.I.C.E. are only the start of our Research and Development. The 4400 System also offers Fujinon's exclusive Double Balloon Endoscopy (DBE) products that are making a spectacular impact in the diagnosis and treatment of small bowel disorders, and Fujinon's exclusive Super CCD technology.


  • As a fully digital processor with HDTV 1080i reproduction, it provides totally lossless signal conversion
  • Integrated FICE technology, for complete facilitation of virtual chromoendoscopy
  • With its network connection and digital DVI & HD-SDI outputs, future expansion is endless
  • HD-SDI allows images to be sent over longer distances without interferences
  • 23/24" Monitor options for native Full HD image

The 4400 Fully Digital Electronic Video Endoscopy System has been designed to meet the endoscopic requirements of any facility, from large regional medical facilities to outpatient centers. Fujinon's new dual connection processor allows for complete forward and backward endoscope compatibility.

All of Fujinon's new technology, including the 500 Series, ultra-slim endoscopes, optical magnifying endoscopes, and Double Balloon Endoscopes, Endoscopic Ultra Sound, as well as all of Fujinon's conventional technology can be used with the same processing unit. This advancement provides clear customer solutions as product upgrades become necessary.

The choice for economical HD endoscopy for every day application

  • Fully Digital
  • Ideal for every office and hospital
  • The processor is a convincing choice, with its ease of use and high resolution, optimally illuminated image
  • The digital video output (DVI) in the EPX-2500 provides images in HD with natural color reproduction and pin sharp clarity
  • The highlight is its compatibility; two ports make it possible to connect the 200/250 and the new 530 Fujinon endoscopes
  • This mean that existing routine models can continue to be used, or devices from the latest generation can be employed

Other products and services from High Tech Medical


High Tech Medical - lemke vision

LEMKE Vision is part of the WORLD OF MEDICINE Group which has pioneered and inspired the field of minimally invasive surgery for over 30 years. A switch from the classic 5:4 monitor format to the latest 16:9 or 16:10 widescreen monitors is ongoing. High performance endoscopic xenon light source with LCD display and halogen backup lamp. Fully digital 3CCD camera head.


High Tech Medical - disinfection

The Soluscope is unique in that it reaches maximum disinfecting capability at only 45°c, drastically reducing wear and tear to endoscope because of unnecessary overheating during disaffection. During the complete cycle, the endoscope is totally immersed in a powerful rotating flow, and the internal channels are separately and continuously irrigated and checked for leakages.


High Tech Medical - intervention

Together with leading domestic and international endoscopy centers, we develop new Medwork-products, -solutions and systems for you, to convince our customers and partners all over the world with instruments, which offer highest precision and user convenience. The new revolutionary Clipmaster3 enables the endoscopist surgeon to perform a quick and selective application of up to three clips, without changing the applicator.


High Tech Medical - accessories

Cleandoscope has developed a range of products that targets either the Central Sterile Department or the Operating Room. Use these simple steps in determining which wire brush will best serve your instrument cleaning needs. We have strived to provide the greatest amount of bristles to ensure the most effective cleaning. Bristles that are too large will bend too much and not clean effectively. Over 33 styles of Channel Brushes to select from.


High Tech Medical - image documentation devices

Record up to two weeks of HD video on the internal hard drive or record directly to a convenient USB flash drive. The MediCap USB300 is the medical industry?s easiest, most affordable high-definition recorder. Now you can experience easy. Input Frame Rate 50 to 60 Hz. Format PEG, TIFF, PNG, DICOM.


High Tech Medical - technical service

This technical service is not limited to our Head Office but is also extended to our branches where our resident technicians ensure that our customers receive the outstanding service they have become accustomed to. This is the main reason why we at high tech medical offer a comprehensive repair service on all major brands of optical telescopes.